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Shared Posts from 30 June

Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Michael Jackson and the "Zombieconomy" - Snip from a Harvard Business blog post by Umair Haque on the digital-age business lessons to be learned from Michael Jackson's death, and analysis of the purported revenue from his career over the last three decades: Want to know why we have a zomb[...]
MAKE Magazine - Transforming robot - Kevmag 2000 posted this YouTube vid of his transforming robot, apparently built for a robotics class. Pretty cool. I couldn't find out much else about it. Kevmag 2000-Transforming Robot [Submitted by Chris Brent. Thanks, Chris!] Read more | Perma[...]
MAKE Magazine - Keeping their cool - Over on GeekDad, Dana Bostic came up with this simple backyard cool-the-kids "hack" -- a hose sprayer set to "shower," zip-tied to a tall step ladder pouring down onto a trampoline -- so the kids can work up a sweat and cool off at the same time! Ke[...]

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