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So, I wrote a research slash opinion paper, at the end of what must have been college. This was at Wichita State, tho the campus didn't look anything like the real one, and nearly everybody I knew there was from my high school. But, I wrote this paper, which basically explained, in exacting and - importantly - /correct/ detail exactly why certain kids end up going on rampages in their schools. It was a little broader than that, examining longer-term badness that can result, etc, but that's the important gist.
I received significant acclaim for this. A movie was being made based on it.
I'm wandering around campus on the last day of classes, and at some point, while I'm in the library, someone I know - NOT based on someone real, I think; in fact she mostly looked like a young Reshma Shetty - handed me a notepad and pointed out some things she'd written. I couldn't read it in there, because it was too dark, so we went outside. By the time we get out to where I can read what she wrote, there are several other people I know hanging out with us. Basically, she's written snippets of what would likely end up as an op-ed talking about how spot-on brilliant my paper was (I simplify for brevity). We, the group we're now part of, talk, sometimes animatedly, about various things regarding the paper. Somehow, the school pool is relevant to the discussion, and I note that I've never actually been in it, and I'm going. So we all head down there, and stop off in the little library next to it to pick out books to read while we're swimming. I make some joke about the pool being smaller than I expected (the room is maybe 10' square, with bookshelves and a dozen people standing in it), and the reshma-like one made some entendre-and-a-half to which I peer at her and ask if she's coming on to me. At this point, I wake up.
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