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Twitter posts from 22 June to 27 June

From my Twitter stream:
mon 09:16amIt's a sad - and annoying - day when graybar doesn't have what I need.
mon 09:57amXKCD just taught me of the existence of something I really didn't need to know about.
mon 10:05am@GeekGirlsRule please stop making me shop for shoes. I have work to do.
mon 10:54amI have: a handful of M6 cagenuts. 25 sets of 12-24 cagenuts. I need: a handful or more of 10-32 cagenuts. And I don't want to pay $50. ::P
mon will sell me 25 for $8.72+$6.64. $15.36. Acceptable. Would prefer somewhere local so I can go get them.
mon 11:09am@gabrielcain in the right size?
mon 11:11amlooks like there's an ace hardware in burien. and seatac. and renton. and renton again.
mon 11:36am@JosieNutter That sounds uncomfortable. ::)
mon 01:01pmSuccess. Ace did have them. $1.35 per tho. Ouch.
mon 02:46pmNow I need to find somebody who'll give me an APC SUA5000R5TXFMR, and I'll be set.
mon 02:46pm@vixy You /assume/ she will. Best bring cupcakes, just in case.
mon 05:06pmIs it wrong to be tempted to tell my apt cache server to route thru comcast to reach ubuntu's servers? it /is/ dual-homed...
tue 09:26amYay Ultrasn0w! Now I can upgrade MT&T!
tue 10:51am@maggim don't do it! then they'll know your email address is valid and will send you week-enlagement spam!
tue 11:22am@beaq PRETTIES!
tue 11:22am@beaq Thanks, now I need a saltwater aquarium.
tue 11:54amBWAHAHA:
tue 03:14pm@vixy naw. cosmonauts are cheaper. they're the HFCS of space.
tue 03:43pmBanging my head against warning-display logic, like I should be, instead of upgrading my phone, like I want to.
tue 04:19pmOk. committed my changes. going to take L some food, pick up dog, then upgrade phone. Then more work, likely.
tue 06:14pmIt's become clear that I wasn't: upgrade my iphone from 2.2 to 3.0, not changing phones. ::)
tue 06:22pmOk, upgrading now. don't try to call my cellphone.
tue 08:41pmAs usual, first attempt to upgrade failed. Wouldn't reboot after restoring third party software and updating. Gonna try redsn0w.
tue 09:31pm@CupcakeGoth I believe "pictures or it didn't happen" is appropriate here.
tue 10:29pmThe worst part of this is waiting while it restores things. Next time, I need to unsync all media and any apps I can. This takes FOREVER.
tue 10:34pmok. pwnagetool is producing restores that don't work. this one, all 3rdparty apps crash on launch. sigh. What did I do wrong here?
wed 10:03amKeychain dies with a forking error. Winterboard has lockwidget transparency problems. Ikeyex doesn't work at all. But, upgraded.
wed 07:19pmSo, the server farm in the basement appears to, at the moment, be pulling just a tad above 11 amps.
wed 07:39pm@tommusic well, shit.
wed 11:39pmhm. mobileterminal is refusing to execute backticked commands from .profile, apparently. *sigh*
wed 11:40pmShoulda waited a couple more weeks before upgrading, I think.
thu 10:40amMadison could barely handle its own traffic. Olive detour makes it so much worse.
thu 12:33pmNew doctor eval: Verrilli. Taken back 25min after 11am appt. Doc pops head in 7m later to say he'll be in soon. In to see me after 5 more
thu 12:34pmVery form-filling-out focused at first; off putting. After exam, became person. Okay, but may see bushyhead to compare. Labwork and EKG now.
thu 12:46pmBlood work needs fasting, will do later. Maybe tomorrow before work. EKG was fine.
thu is THIS close to getting reclassified as spam.
thu 01:26pm@robotcoop you tempt me.
thu 01:32pm@Jenk3 I've found I'm unrealistically forgiving of sites that I actually have accounts with.
thu 02:54pm@westseattleblog I think this would be the third, Ice should be fine, no?
thu 02:59pmVoting in @despairinc's caption contest. This is a hard choice.
thu 04:15pm@darkmane Yeah, it's weird to see /twitter/ apparently more stable than LJ.
thu 04:21pm@dresdencodak it is not. And we do, yes, zomg, yes.
thu 05:06pm@firesign3000 no, they really can't.
fri 08:34am@TwitterFon getting rid of favorite star in list, ok, I understand. But does this caret need to be wasting screen space instead?
fri 08:01pmLooking at details on the aerotecture wind turbines, I'm disappointed that they probably won't work for Nerdvana.
fri 08:07pmI need to get a weather station set up, so I can see what sort of wind speeds we average here.
fri 08:24pm
fri 09:09pmZOMFG, Michele Bachmann is completely, totally, utterly, batshit insane.
fri 09:20pmHuh. Hulu desktop suddenly has a EULA. That wasn't there yesterday.
sat 11:25am@westseattleblog morning! You at Westwood yet? We're just finishing up at Eats; will swing by and say hi if so. ::)
sat 12:46pm@westseattleblog was good to meet you in person finally. I hope patrick brought you back samples! ::)
sat 12:54pm@westseattleblog "Viaduct Closed" signs aren't working. Bridge backed up to midspan from last-minute merges. (from L)
sat 01:28pmIs there a game or something? 4th ave is nuts.
sat 01:28pmHm. Just northbound. People finishing the marathon maybe?
sat 01:53pm@beaq ooh, could be.
sat 04:02pm@mcmoots Would /I/ enjoy owning it?
sat 05:11pmBabylon 5 CGI scenes look REALLY BAD when upsampled to HD.
sat 05:12pm@mcmoots That would require I manage to keep up with LJ.
sat 05:20pm@mcmoots I'd take the boiler, and we're always happy to give books homes.
sat 05:21pm@firesign3000 no, but it's kinda sad.

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