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The Red Ferret Journal - Desktop Factory 3D Printer - small scale 3D printer - This Desktop Factory 3D Printer is priced (and sized) to please. For US$4,995 you get a rapid prototyper the size [...] 159 words | permalink | No comments | digg this
Boing Boing - Junkyard workers enshrine tree that grew to lift a car - James of Japan Probe reports that a Japanese hackberry tree, which sprouted from a seed in a junkyard 25 years ago, has managed to lift a car in the air. "Workers at the junkyard have built a small fence around the tree, and are protecting it as it c[...]
Seattlest - Nature Litterers, A Special Kind of Scum - We're seeing this shit all the time. Gets really old. Photo courtesy of the print from the Seattlest Flickr pool. Ron Judd recently wrote that laws targeting litterers need to be tougher. We agree, litterers are lazy scum who probably screw society o[...]
Kindle 2 Review - Kindle DX Review, Books - Blind Groups sue ASU for using Kindle DX - The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two Blind Groups are suing Arizona State University for using the Kindle DX. They have also filed complaints with federal agencies against the 5 universities using the Kindle DX in[...]
Quotes of the Day - Lord Brabazon - "I take the view, and always have, that if you cannot say what you are going to say in twenty minutes you ought to go away and write a book about it."
Hack a Day - Carnivorous robots - Artists [James Auger] and [Jimmy Loizeau] have put out this display of carnivorous robots. Pictured above is a clock that is powered by a microbial fuel cell. The clock is equipped with a scroll of sticky paper for catching the flies which it then sc[...]
Kindle 2 Review - Kindle DX Review, Books - Kindle giveaway - 10 Free Kindles - Reader's Digest have a contest with 10 free kindles (and a $40 gift certificate with each) up for grabs. Its hilarious that they're calling it the $4,000 online giveaway. However for the people who win a free Kindle 2 it'll be cool. Note: Official [...]

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