Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

My day so far:

Wake up and wonder why the alarm, which was supposed to wake me up at 845 so I could get up and get ready to go to the dr's office, hasn't gone off. Is it really that early? No, it's 9am, and the alarm isn't set to go off on thursdays, only tuesday and friday. oops. Get up. Take shot. Take shower. Put clothes on. Dog hides in bedroom. Have breakfast. Read email. Cage dog, drive to doctor's office. Get stuck in wrong lane at wrong time, loop around, get to office, get parked. Sign in, stamp parking ticket, pay copay, fill out new patient mini-form, since new doc. Wait, read. Get called in, 25 minutes after appointment. For an 11am appointment. Not as late as I was used to with Dr P and my 430pm appointments, but still kinda late. Vitals taken. Doc pokes head in 7 minutes later to say he'll be with me shortly. Is with me 5 minutes later. Am impressed. Doctor starts asking questions, going over some of the data that's in the system, like drugs, and some as if I were a new patient. Comes across very focused on filling out the form, not really paying attention to me. Gives me backwards robe and leaves. Disrobe, lie down, wait. Doc comes back in, apologizes for being so long, does physical exam. Asks about past experiences with doctors. Finishes exam, continues asking about historical experience. Decides that maybe I don't see my doctors enough and don't test my blood sugars because of bad previous experiences with doctors, such as being forced to get a flu shot when I was little (earliest specific doctor-visit memory I could think of). Makes suggestions for blood sugar testing less often than previously told, but better than not at all, and orders blood tests and says get them done whenever I'm comfortable with it. Explain, no, it's really just the part with the needle that bugs me, and I just look away and think happy thoughts. Well, whatever. Do what works, so I actually do what needs to be done. Come back in a month, and see Dr Enzmann soon too. Take paperwork, go to lab. Get EKG - all is well. Some blood work needs fasting, do later. Will put me into the computer, I walk in any time and we do it. Maybe tomorrow morning on the way to work. Leave. Get lunch. Get home. Whiny puppy. Eat lunch.

And that's the first 5 hours of my day. For a 1 hour doctor's appointment. Now I need to get some work done. Oy. And I think I'll make an appointment with the next doctor on the list. This one's fine, but maybe others are better.
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