Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Doctor followup

Called M&J to make my appointments. Turns out, they'll only make one at a time. If you don't like the doc, you get to call and make a separate new appointment. Lame. BUT, it's okay, with the way the scheduling worked out:

* Bushyhead - first available is friday, and I'm working at Garr's friday. No good.
* Hodges - first available is 15 July, and he's consistently an hour late.
* Efird - Not available until 2 July
* Smyth - only takes two new patients a day, and first available would be "way out there".
* Leahy - not available until august
* Verrilli - Available thursday. I'm seeing him at 11.

Based entirely off their profile videos on the M&J website, Verrilli is my second choice from attitude and style, and would be first if I wasn't afraid he was gonna badger me about exercising more. Bushyhead is first choice, and will be my fallback if things don't work out with Verrilli. Smyth and Leahy are out, 'cause they're obviously too popular for me. When I want to see my doctor, I want to see them /yesterday/, not two months from now. Hodges would be my third choice, then Efird.

We'll see how well the profile video preshadows in person interaction.
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