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Twitter posts from 14 June to 20 June

From my Twitter stream:
sun 01:55pmtrying the t1 move again.
sun 02:23pmsuccess. new jack with screw terminals for the win
sun 04:51pmyay! hulu without annoying buffering times!
sun 07:37pm@squishable demon sounds better
sun 08:18pmWatching Colbert from last Monday, the first day in Iraq. I have to say: we have the bitchin'est president ever.
sun 08:49pmI think I just unfollowed something like 40 more accounts. Mostly inactives and organizationals.
mon 10:56amok, it's official. iphoto's flickr integration is crap. total crap.
mon 12:34pm@drakemonger yeah, but I like flickr.
mon 07:12pmWow, ok. Google-as-calculator has impressed me.
mon 07:14pm
tue 12:27pmI love it when code works the first time. (We'll ignore the -3rd thru 0th times)
tue 12:28pmThank you, btw, to whichever DOT smoothed out the 175th St exit from I-5N. My twice-weekly commute thanks you.
tue 07:19pmI was thinking about exactly this at dinner: it's almost 2010 and we still lack 2001 tech.
tue 08:27pmTweetdeck for iPhone is pretty nice.
tue 09:55pmHas anybody out there had an apple remote that didn't eat batteries? Of the two or three I've got, they all burn thru a 2032 in ~ a month
wed 08:15amYou know it's time to get up when you toss and turn, trying to get back to sleep, for half an hour, and then find only 6 minutes have passed
wed 08:15am@girlpirate Yes, it's normal.
wed 04:08pmUseful hint: if you can't, for the life of you, figure out why the outer rescue is catching a weird error, try debugging your inner rescue.
wed 07:58pmAlrighty. I've downloaded 3.0 for both Monkeyphone (L's 2G) and MT&T (my 3G). Now to wait impatiently for ultrasn0w.
wed 08:03pm@JosieNutter no pants is always a good thing.
wed 09:06pm"From your 174 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 5,981 items, starred 6 items, shared 71 items, and emailed 13 items." Whew.
wed 10:36pmL has been watching 30rock S1 via netflix today. now I'm being subjected to it. and falling in love with tina fey. or at least her character
wed 10:46pm@joeytrimmer tell her I love her. or that she's invited to my next party. whichever comes out less creepy.
thu 04:26pm@mcmoots I'll send you my finances.
thu 04:29pmNow /I/'m watching 30rock S1. The more I watch the more I love Fey. Also: lefty. *swoon*
thu 05:05pm@mcmoots hey. you said you wanted boring spreadsheets. you didn't say there'd be a trade involved.
thu 05:20pm@mcmoots Of course you can. That's what family is all about. What's mine, that i want you to have, is yours!
thu 08:21pmAt olive garden for dinner.
thu 08:44pmIt has taken a decade of rigorous research, but I have finally found the meaning of "too much" garlic. It overpowers my dinner. ::(
fri 06:13pmThe green userpics are useful. I can just scroll rapidly by.
fri 06:14pmAt Chang's for dinner.
fri 10:08pm@wootshirt I'd totally buy that, but ... lemon? no. I can pull of the cranberry, barely. Not lemon.
sat 08:29am@drakemonger The one in Renton. It wasn't as good as usual, but still tasty.
sat 06:32pmLast two Countdowns have had siundbites that I thought would make good ringtones, but when I cut them down they didn't work. ::/
sat 10:11pmWhy would voice control be restricted to the new 3GS hardware? Sure, it might perform poorly on the slower phones, but I DO NO CARE. Grrr.

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