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Boing Boing - Infographic: all US one-time expenditures vs the bailout - Barry Ritholz sez, It is exceedingly difficult to convey exactly how much we are spending o bailouts. Start talking trillions (versus mere billions) and you get puzzled looks from people. Humans have a hard time conceptualizing any number that lar[...]
Seattlest - 29 Days Later...We're Gonna Break a No-Rain Record - "Sun Spots" courtesy of Seattlest Flickr Pool member jaycoxfilm Cliff Mass says no rain was detected at SeaTac (despite a few drops in Seattle yesterday), and so we've moved into contention for the "longest dry run in May-June" in recorded history. [...] Updates - ASCAP Wants To Be Paid When Your Phone Rings - ASCAP (the same folks who went after Girl Scouts for singing around a campfire) appears to believe that every time your musical ringtone rings in public, you're violating copyright law by "publicly performing" it without a license. At least that's th[...] John Young's Blog - The Best Curriculum Vitae Ever - At the Chester County Balloon Festival. This is the side of the trailer parked next to the tethered hot-air balloon that's giving rides. Upon seeing this, I immediately marched over to the ticket booth and asked for two tethered-ballon ride tickets[...]
Boing Boing - World's Rarest Insect found on Rocky Spire - Dylan Thuras is a guest blogger on Boing Boing. Dylan is a travel blogger and the co-founder of the Atlas Obscura: A Compendium of the World's Wonders, Curiosities, and Esoterica, with Joshua Foer.    Ball's Pyramid is fairly amaz[...]
Schneier on Security - Fraud on eBay - I expected selling my computer on eBay to be easy. Attempt 1: I listed it. Within hours, someone bought it -- from a hacked account, as eBay notified me, cancelling the sale. Attempt 2: I listed it again. Within hours, someone bought it, and as[...]
Loldogs, Dogs 'n' Puppy Dog Pictures - I Has A Hotdog! - this happens when - this happens when Ewoks and teddy bears breed heerz mah dad. Picture by: xxalyxx. Caption by: dunno source via Loldog Builder » Recaption This » See All Captions Tagged: breeding, ewok, havanese, lookalike, puppy, star wars, teddy be[...]
West Seattle Blog... - 100 Seattle homes sought for free environmental assessments - Out of the WSB inbox, here's the announcement: EOS Alliance is recruiting 100 Seattle homes for a free home efficiency pilot project called Green Blocks. From July 6 through August 21, 2009, Seattle residents participating in this program will rece[...]
Lifehacker - Simulate Office Presence with Skype and VNC [Remote Control] - Former cubicle jockey Jonathon Wilson now works from home, but it's almost exactly as if he's at his desk at the office. In the comments of my recent article on working remotely, Jonathon explains his unconventional setup: I still have my computer a[...]

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