Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Needy the second

My artistic skills are roughly inversely proportional to my programming skills. I've got my iphone heavily themed, including custom cell and wifi signal bars in the form of deimos and phobos. But, they aren't very good. SO, I figured I'd see if anybody wanted to generate some icon sets for me. Specifically:

* phone signal:
- five steps, from 0 to full
- plus a sixth 'airplane mode' icon that indicates wireless is turned off
- currently using a picture of deimos from from new to full, manually shaded from a full original.

* data signal:
- four steps, from 0 to full, for wifi
- one icon for 3G
- one icon for EDGE
- one icon for GPRS
- currently using a picture of phobos from new to full for wifi, the rest are default.

For the data signal, I was thinking gprs/edge/3g could be mars rovers/landers in increasing order of size (pathfinder for gprs, the MERs for 3g, not sure about EDGE, tho that's the one i'll see most often). The the phone and wifi, I'm not married to using phobos and deimos; other ideas would be welcome.

Basically, it's all got to be mars-centric, in png format, and everything has to fit into 20px by 20px. the width can be a little flexible, but 20px is the unyielding maximum height. 18 is even better. Also, I need versions for black background and for light-grey background.

This is one I figure I'll have to pay for. I'll buy you dinner or something.

And, if you were interested, we could talk about a set of battery icons too. They're much bigger.
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