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MAKE Magazine - Where's all the CNC kerf-bending? - Here's a traditional wood-bending technique that seems ready-made for CNC millers, and yet I can't find much online evidence that it's being done. To make a kerf-bend, the wood is first corrugated on the inside of the intended radius. The width, de[...]
TechCrunch - iPhone OS On A Touchscreen Monitor, Multi-Touch and All - Now this is the hack of the weekend or the hoax of the weekend. Some intrepid hackers have run what appears to be iPhone OS 2.x on a "multi-touch" monitor with accelerometer support. I've found a few examples of monitors that could potentially pull t[...]
The UberReview - Zombie Meat Parts Pin - So You Don't Forget - In case you didn't know, zombies prefer the brain, but in a pinch they will make do with a bit of RRRMMMN!!! or RRRN!!!. [Obvious Octopus via Fashionably Geek]
Bad Astronomy - If I watch this I hope the Moon *will* hit the Earth - I heard rumors about this a while ago, but now a trailer is out for it: "Impact", a science fiction mini-series that'll air on ABC next week (starting June 21). On the plus side, it stars Natasha Henstridge, who I think is pretty cool (I lo[...]
TechCrunch - Twitter Reschedules Maintenance To Allow Iranian Protests To Continue - Twitter had been planning to have a 90 minute downtime tonight for maintenance. Given what's going on over in Iran right now, that was a problem. And so Twitter has decided to reschedule the maintenance so the protests can go on. This is a good move[...]
Twitter Blog - Down Time Rescheduled - A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is cur[...]
Ironic Sans - Idea: The Outlet Wall - Instead of hiding your outlets behind furniture and worrying about the mess of wires tangled behind your entertainment center, consider making an entire wall that's nothing but outlets. Then you can artfully plug in your appliances wherever the cords[...]

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