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Twitter posts from 07 June to 13 June

From my Twitter stream:
sun 09:35am@sistawendy when they're fugly. The element is merely square.
sun 02:24pmAbout to hit the road home. Super big gulp of very-cherry diet dr pepper.
sun 06:13pm@wsdot Traffic sucks on I-5N through Tacoma. Anything "special" going on?
sun 07:04pmHome, finally.
tue 07:22pmFigured it's been long enough since my last subsidized phone upgrade that t-mo might give me a G1 cheap. Nope. $150 w/ 2yr contract ext. HA.
tue 10:15pm@dianthus for obsolete tech I don't need? No.
wed 08:09am@dianthus I have not.
wed 04:00pm@westseattleblog any word viz cops at admiral metro market?
wed 04:19pm@westseattleblog not much. @ cruisers, one parked along the drive outside main door. No lights. At least one just left.
wed 04:20pm@westseattleblog couple ladies entering in front of me were wondering what was up, attracted my curiosity.
wed 04:22pm@westseattleblog probly something boring like shoplifting. Nobody ever seems to get murdered when i'm around. ;;)
wed 09:01pmAbout to move the Nerdvana T1.
wed 09:14pmFail. Aborting for research.
wed 09:27pmOk. Trying again.
wed 10:04pmOne last try after rewiring port.
wed 10:17pmTotal failure. Giving up. Wonder if the cable to the new port is bad. will test tomorrow, replace if neccessary.
thu 02:47pmRT @dresdencodak: They're growing organs in the lab RIGHT NOW:
thu 05:05pmGiving up on work for the moment. I'm finding it difficult to focus. Mentally and optically.
thu 05:58pmFinally re-uploading content to flickr. Let's see how badly iphoto fucks this up.
thu 09:36pmI figured it out. Mythbusters is nascar for science nerds. We watch it to see someone (or something) get hurt or blown up.
fri 09:35amawesome. iphoto crashed during upload, and isn't figuring out that it didn't finish. so, I guess I delete and start again. again.
fri 09:51am@twMaize but are there one point twenty-one of them?
fri 10:04pmToday, 11am-10pm: rewriting ONE html fragment and ONE compound javascript function, to enable ONE piece of functionality.
fri 10:07pmLooking at my todo list, I /had/ marked this task as difficulty 4. Out of 5. The only 5/5 task involves total restructuring of this page.
fri 10:54pmI'm finding that I look at twitter maybe twice a day when I'm working. I follow too many people for success with that strategy. Trim time.
sat 09:18amDisappointed flipping thru Seattle Merropolitan's Best Burgers bit. Zippy's not listed.
sat 02:06pma'ight, iphoto has managed to export a bunch of my photos sets correctly, and all is mostly well.
sat 02:07pmThe iphone pics are showing up as taken-on the downloaded-on date, tho iphoto has the correct taken-on. Need to create more sets, tho.
sat 02:24pm@drakemonger burger joint in west Seattle. I'll take you some time.
sat 02:25pmI would love an amazon fresh iPhone app. The website is only barely usable in mobile safari.
sat 03:09pmNope, iphoto screwed up other metadata too. gonna hafta script a fix.
sat 09:10pmAt Celtic Bayou for music and dinner. Bright blue spotlight reflecting off guitar is blinding.
sat 09:54pmSinging o/~ You're a Beautiful Girl o/~
sat 10:11pmUnfollowing several people. All worthy to follow, just not important enough to me to try keep up with. Sorry.
sat 10:14pmNot their CD. Just includes them.
sat 11:01pm@joeytrimmer I was thinking I should post a list of who I unfollowed, but didn't keep a list. But you, I actually know.
sat 11:14pm@joeytrimmer Doctorow and other BB, lessig, sea local bloggers cept WSB, misc others i've not met but followed for a time. Some feeds.

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