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Twitter posts from 31 May to 06 June

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:32amVista SP2 + Fallout3 1.5 = crashing, taking the video card with it. Power down, wait two minutes, reboot. Grrr.
sun 12:09pmHm. XP + Portal did the same, but rebooted at least. Awesome. Hardware problem, or driver problem?
mon 05:16pm@caladri that's... Not abnormal.
mon 05:19pm@JosieNutter IKWYM.
mon 10:24pmUP was awesome.
tue 01:24am@caladri well, that's different. Tho, sadly, also not abnormal. Street signage in this state, as a whole, is... Poor.
tue 05:14pmWas about to watch yesterday's Countdown. Decided I don't need the blood pressure spike. Skipping ahead to Oddball, then Worsts, then done.
tue 05:16pmDaily Show's gonna be bad enough. Only Jon Stewart has a chance of stopping me from an aneurism.
tue 05:24pmGRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHH.. sorry. accidentally watched part of the Countdown story on Tiller.
tue 05:24pmMust not tacnuke fox news. Must not tacnuke fox news. Ommmmm...
tue 06:00pmLuna Park has a depressingly high density of cute female employees that smoke. Very sad.
tue 07:08pmNot so bad in the house. Sitting in front of a fan.
wed 07:35pmand weave is not syncing my bookmarks. which makes weave useless. awesome. shoulda just built my own version of google browser sync.
wed 07:37pmI love that facet of the universe: complain about something publicly and it'll start working correctly. well, mostly correctly.
wed 09:15pmIf one planned to take their boat to the gulf of aden, then bum round the indian ocean for a while, where would one go to hire mercs?
wed 11:12pmI just know I'm going to have to buy a crunchpad when they come out. I hope it's an acceptable price.
thu 08:50amCommute traffic slows me down, and i'm not even commuting. EB WSB backed up farther than i've seen in ages. But, at Chelan for bfast w/ L.
thu 10:29amWe're supposed to be in the future. We're supposed to have 500 channels. 490 of them SHOULD NOT BE PAY-PER-VIEW SPORTS, YOU PIGFUCKERS.
thu 05:19pm@drakemonger congrats
thu 08:36pmAt Shadowland for L's bday dinner.
thu 08:54pmTemp dropping rapidly. 4+ deg in 5min. Water spotting window.
thu 09:15pmStanding outside. Light sprinkle. Happy lungs.
thu 09:32pm@westseattleblog Power outage in Admiral n. of Forest. Driving now to find out how widespread.
thu 09:35pmWestern edge is SW 51st
thu 09:40pmA cliff's in the way but looks like it goes all the way north to Alki.
thu 09:43pmAnd all the way West to Elliott Bay.
thu 09:49pmEr, make that east. Harbor/Avalon dark until Genessee, too.
thu 09:51pmLoree posting for @tithonium, heading home now to make sure the servers are still up.
thu 10:29pm@employeeze awww. ::)
thu 10:31pmwe are home, after stopping at QFC for birthday icecream, and some snacks for the road tomorrow. Now we sit in cooling house.
fri 01:36pmWe are on the road to Portland. Barely half an hour later than planned!
fri 02:03pmBCC is fixing the COBRA problems and will call me back. CapOne card will close on 2 Aug, as i've decline the 8% rate hike.
fri 02:03pm@beaq poor!
fri 02:04pmPassing thru southern Tacoma.
fri 02:24pmPointing out assholes on their phone at 70 on the freeway: it's the new slugbug.
fri 05:04pmAt the hotel. Penzeys closes in 27min, is 45min away. Guess we'll do that tomorrow. ::/
sat 10:24am@CupcakeGoth thought you might like this.
sat 11:32amDucking parade bullshit! Road away from hotel clear. Road back to hotel, blocked. Guess we're not going back for a while.
sat 01:35pmZOMG the Kia Soul is fugly.
sat 01:40pm@tedder42 we are. Down for Loree's bday.

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