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Quotes of the Day - Charles Haddon Spurgeon - "You cannot slander human nature; it is worse than words can paint it."
Boing Boing - Online Personal Narratives from Patients of Murdered Late-Term Abortion Provider - Salon's Kate Harding has collected a number of first-person accounts from women (and families) who were patients of the recently murdered Dr. George Tiller. As I understand it, he was one of only three providers of late-term abortions in the USA, and[...]
Coolbuzz - Giant jellyfish crop circle measures 600ft - Crop circles still remain a mystery. Some say they're man-made, while there have been instances when they has been linked with UFOs and even lightning. Lately, one giant 600ft jellyfish-like pattern appeared in a barley field in Kingstone Coombes, Ox[...] Updates - Apple Rejects EFF Updates App, Claims Parody Content Is Objectionable - Last month, EFF got an email from software developer Duane Fields of Exact Magic, asking if he could use our logo on an iPhone application that exclusively displays content from EFF's RSS feed. Sounded like a great idea to us, as long as it was clea[...]
Boing Boing - Wikimedia's picture of the year - Voting has closed on the Wikimedia Commons photo of the year competition; the winner and runners-up are stunning. And they're all free as in beer and free as in speech. Commons Picture of the Year 2008: Results Horses on Bianditz mountain, in Navar[...]
Boing Boing - Socotra Island: the "Galápagos of the Indian Ocean." - Photo of dragon's blood tree by Piotr Kot. The LA Times has a neat photo gallery of Yemen's Socotra Island. Isolated from continental land masses for 18 million years, Yemen's Socotra Island showcases an alien-like landscape with unusual plants and[...]
TechCrunch - The Trunk Club For Men: Never Shop For Clothes Again - Most men hate to shop. It takes way too much time, we are out of our element, and we end up getting really dorky clothes because we feel like not buying something is an admission of failure. Online shopping is better, but most of us would rather br[...]
MAKE Magazine - Theo Gray on why "safety" is overrated - The most awesome Theo Gray, author of the I-can't-recommend-it-highly-enough Mad Science, has a post on Powell's Books blog about his book and the dangers it contains (the subtitle is "Experiments You Can Do at Home -- But Probably Shouldn't"). He wr[...]

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