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Twitter posts from 24 May to 30 May

From my Twitter stream:
sun 10:46amOne of my favorite things about amzn.fresh? dry ice delivery. well, it comes with the frozen stuff.
sun 10:46amMy diet pepsi is cheerfully bubbling away next to me, coated by a light fog.
sun 01:36pmwhy Why WHY am I displaying the invoice_id, instead of the obfuscated order_id? WTF was I thinking?
sun 01:37pm(don't answer that)
sun 02:57pmHi, I'm really stupid sometimes. My validator was preventing saves of an existing record while trying to prevent duplication of a field. ::P
sun 02:58pmFortunately, I was able to recover all of the data lost as a result.
sun 05:32pmRT: employer-based health insurance was an accident (or at least an unintended consequence) (via @MrLukeG)
sun 08:55pmSo very tired. Spent morning programming, afternoon grocery shopping, evening cleaning. Hurt everywhere.
mon 11:57am@westseattleblog 1 ladder. 1 engine. 1 ambulance. 4 fire chiefs. 1 cop. Tear-assing south on 35th in the past 10min.
mon 11:58am@westseattleblog make that 2 ambu.
mon 12:11pmGave in and paid for twitterfon pro. Tweetie just didn't cut it for me.
mon 03:21pm@westseattleblog am I wrong to think that you leaving the house sans iPhone causes news to happen? ;;)
mon 10:22pmRT @KimikoRoss: Ethics for machines!
mon 11:08pm@mcmoots Loree says "Government Sans" and "... Why does she need to know this?". I would not take this as a true answer.
tue 10:03amDamn. Psystar filed ch11? If I had the money to burn, I'd buy a couple of their cheap models just to have them.
tue 10:49amHulu keeps changing the play order of my queue when I'm away.
tue 11:19am@mcmoots the extra syllables let them charge exponentially more.
tue 12:48pm@dianthus it wasn't a ladle, it was a slotted-spoon!
tue 12:49pm@dianthus er, uh.. or so I hear. *cough*
tue 01:37pm@noisyoyster mine do that from time to time. I have to trim them two or three times a year.
tue 01:58pm@beaq .. uh?
tue 02:03pmI'm finding it hard to focus today. Stomach's a bit irritable, head feels like it's full of concrete. un-set concrete.
tue 02:32pm@beaq ::(
tue 03:08pm@qwickening yeah, it can have that effect.
tue 03:09pm@joeytrimmer yes.
tue 04:38pm@beaq Purple tastes good.
tue 08:52pmFeeling increasingly yucky. Went out to Fry's, on the theory that if I don't do it now, I won't feel like it tomorrow. Back home.
wed 12:25amStill feeling crappy. Add annoying, unproductive cough. *sigh*
wed 03:02pmGood idea with all services: RT @twitterapi: Twitter API best practice: schedule your cron jobs randomly.
wed 03:04pmAm sick today. Mucinex-D helpful if disabling. Nap failure; laying around, awake.
wed 03:12pm@westseattleblog thank you. I shall try. ::)
wed 03:13pm@dianthus yay! "severely reduced pay all around!"
wed 03:15pmCoding in bed is possible but difficult. Twittering in bed is pretty easy. Tho my arm feels very heavy. So tired. ... So whiny, also.
wed 03:19pmYou know you have a problem when you find yourself yelling at google search results, defending your use of double contractions.
wed 06:24pm@dianthus so it would seem.
wed 06:46pm@seattlestmvb "homicide".
thu 02:55amGave up trying to nap around 7 or 8. Went upstairs to do work stuff. It would appear to be 3am now. At least I got stuff done.
thu 02:56amEarly next waking cycle, I need to polish the code, clean up the mess, check the unit tests, and commit. Preferably before the concall.
thu 11:39amtrying out the hulu desktop app
fri 05:40pmInspired by L: soggy morlocks dot com
fri 05:47pmHeat: hot. Sun: horrifying. PacPlace: bright and noisy. But soon, chili and terminator. In that order.
fri 11:14pm@jfew fair? Just? Right? Less evil?
sat 08:35pm@drakemonger lying naked and sick in your bed? I hope she isn't.
sat 08:35pm@drakemonger (I don't, actually, but it was the best reply I could come up with.)

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