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Shut UP, stomach, SHUT UP.

It's really quite unreasonable that I should be this stressed about this meeting. Why should I have to explain myself? Why should I have to justify my desire to leave? Do I really believe anything I say will have a long term impact? He might change for a little while, but he'll go back, he always has. Things will get better, then they'll go back to what they are now. And I'll have missed the window. Now is the time to jump. Why am I even letting them try to talk me out of it? I've gone thru this before, when I left Loudeye. The hardest part is sticking to my decision in the face of overwhelming reasonableness. I'll feel unreasonable demanding more money to stay. I'm not even sure how much would be enough - can money, even a LOT of money, make this tollerable? I've tollerated it this long, tho... Why now?

Just remember. He doesn't really care. He's just doing it to get what he wants. Just remember.

My meeting with Michael is scheduled for 2 minutes from now.
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