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Lifehacker - What the New Credit Card Rules Mean for You [Credit] - Shared by Marty Meanwhile, /my/ credit card company just told me that they're switching me from 9.99 fixed to 17 point something variable as of April 2010. I need to call them and 'decline' that change, and go back to not having a personal credit c[...]
Lifehacker - SuperCook Turns Your Kitchen Contents into Yummy Recipes [Recipes] - It's cheaper and healthier to eat in, but all too easy to look in the fridge and think you have nothing to make. SuperCook tells you what you can make with what you have. We've covered this territory before, with sites like Cooking by Numbers, but Su[...]
Lifehacker - Top 10 Skills to Master Your Grill [Lifehacker Top 10] - There's something about grilling food outdoors that's both exhilarating and terrifying. It's great to commune with your food in such a straight-up way, but what if it goes wrong? We're here to help overcome your fear of the flame, or step up your gri[...]
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - Gamma Ray Games says opening June 3, stop by this weekend to see preparations - boardgame settlers of catan 3D Originally uploaded by tussenpozen Earlier this month, we wrote about Gamma Ray Games coming to Capitol Hill, setting off ripples of geek from I-5 Shores to the leafy streets of Fancy Pants. This morning, we heard fro[...]
MAKE Magazine - Drive your car like a moon rover - Shared by Marty Tweels are nothing new, and I'd want a set for Joshua, but apparently they have serious wear issues. They're gonna use 'em for rovers in space, but they lack the life expectancy to be feasible on cars here. [Photo via ESPN] If yo[...]

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