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Twitter posts from 17 May to 23 May

From my Twitter stream:
sun 12:52pmMeh. Going to install AIM on Arcturus, to try to delete some accounts that adium can't seem to get rid of. Am not hopeful.
sun 01:21pmNote to self: booting off cd on mini9 requires re-enabling legacy usb support in bios.
sun 01:32pm@seattleldy Quite well, in fact. I've installed OSX on it, and have been even happier. Until yesterday when it crashed hard.
sun 01:32pm@seattleldy But that's somewhat expected in this circumstance. Before that, I had Ubuntu on it, and all was well.
sun 01:32pm@seattleldy People complain about the keyboard a lot, but I've gotten used to it. It's not perfect, but it's good enough.
sun 01:42pm@dresdencodak looks good to me.
sun 07:07pm@lindvall it is most awesome. enjoy.
mon 10:22amPlaying with Adium's twitter support.
mon 05:02pmwatching the 2001 planet of the apes. I'm less amused than I once was that all the best lines got switched to the apes.
mon 05:03pmTho HBC is still hot with all the monkey makeup.
mon 05:44pmnothing quite so pedestrian as the fulfillment of prophecy. deus THAT machina, bitches.
mon 06:00pmOH GOD I forgot about the extra-ridiculous ending.
mon 10:42pmDear Onion Radio News: A micromarathon would be 0.137ft. A millimarathon would be 137ft. I mean, come on, let's be serious here.
tue 06:39pmAt RR for dinner. Chocolate malts are love.
tue 08:14pmHailstorm. Woot!
tue 08:25pmwest seattle is seeing lots of lightning, thunder, rain varying from heavy to light, and about 5 minutes of heavy 1/8" hail.
wed 11:46amSpiderOak is offering 50% off yearly plans. Only from 10a-4p EST. I just got the email, at 245p EST. Um. ::/
wed 11:56am@PopCap_Aoife Where's the Noni doll?
wed 12:07pm@PopCap_Aoife I can live with a beanie-baby type thing to start with. work on the robotics for v2.
wed 12:30pmTrying to decide between Tweetie at $3 and Twitterfon Pro at $5. The $ isn't the only thing involved in the decision, however.
wed 12:43pm@arjache DM'd the code. I don't know. I played with it. I've got about a gig backed up there, but haven't updated it since march.
wed 12:43pm@arjache I want something that works in the background, always there. but their client stays in my dock, etc. Didn't care for it, overall.
wed 12:44pm@arjache At this point, I just use my own scripts for backup everywhere.
wed 12:45pm@dianthus goodwill? I dunno, I got my both my current frames at Eyes on Fremont. Not cheap, but.
wed 12:46pm@xopherg They closed-sourced twitterfon and the free version now has ads. I do not like them. Pro doesn't have them.
wed 12:46pm@xopherg But, I am used to the twitterfon interface, so I'd normally stay with that.
wed 12:47pm@xopherg But I'm annoyed at the closing of the source and putting ads where they haven't been all this time. it's part of why I chose it.
wed 12:47pm@xopherg So I'm loathe to give them money. It feels like encouraging behaviour that pisses me off.
wed 12:51pm@xopherg Yeah. Tweetie is similar enough, and cheaper, so I'm pondering that. On the other hand, $ for a twitter client? I could write one.
wed 04:44pmAnybody know is lj's jabber server is having known problems? I get bounced several times an hour lately.
wed 08:56pmPaid the $3 for Tweetie. Am not totally loving it yet.
thu 11:24amI'm finding that the later I stay up working, the later I can focus enough to get started again in the morning.
thu 11:32amMy left shoulder is hurting more or less constantly at this point. I need to go see Mishka after I get paid. ::/
thu 11:43am@spinnerin hm. another argument, besides the rugs, for us not to get one. It would choke on sancho's hair every five minutes.
thu 11:58am@spinnerin yeah, but sancho sheds entire cats. pet him for a minute and you'll get a handful of kitten.
thu 12:03pm@spinnerin I was thinking napalm.
thu 02:31pmI seem to have some contacts that can not be deleted. either via adium OR via the official client.
thu 06:02pm@JosieNutter plus you can put OSX on it and it'll work great. ::)
thu 07:18pm@JosieNutter s'what I got on mine, originally. But decided I really wanted a mac laptop again. get a big enough drive, you could dualboot.
thu 07:28pm@JosieNutter yeah, s'what I had. I bought a 32gb upgrade. They've got a 64 now, but it's still too expensive.
thu 10:35pmGiving up for the night, as I'm working at Garr's tomorrow, and Javascript is making my eyes bleed. This is taking much longer than I want.
thu 10:35pm@JosieNutter I think we already knew this about you.
thu 11:19pmyeah. adium get disconnected when I try to add a contact to an msn account, whether via applescript or not. But, I think I'm mostly synced.
thu 11:20pm@JosieNutter oh, I don't know. You never came off that flamboyant, imo.
fri 04:40pm@dagard i've been futzing with the datatable for the past two days.
fri 04:42pmThe hot tub is finally back in commission, having been out of it since I drained it post-nye.
fri 04:42pmand the lights are now on a remote switch, and the electronics secured. yay!
fri 04:43pmnow I'm'a sit in my office for a while, in front of the fans, in my purple-and-white kitten-socks. Maybe watch some hulu.
fri 04:47pm@sistawendy something like that. Came home, sawed off some branches from the hedge in front, hung the light switch in the gazebo. rest now.
fri 04:48pm@sistawendy later, probably working more.
fri 05:02pm@vixy stop telling lies.
fri 05:05pmI'm spoiled by TextMate. I want firefox to have regex searching.
fri 05:06pmaaaand there's a plugin for that. let's see if it works.
fri 05:21pm@hollyking could be any of several. they had a Thing, you know.
fri 06:18pmI should start figuring out how I'm going to set up my network when I have two outside connections.
fri 07:07pmAt Luna Park for dinner. Very cute girl working inside, wearing terrible red boots. Aw damnit! She's taking a smoke break.
fri 08:23pmWhich should I spend the money on next month, a 90min massage (last was in January) or changing my name? The other will be in July.
fri 09:03pm@TheMrBacon Dinner involved a burger with cheese, sliced ham, a fried egg, and bacon. perfectly done bacon. not too soggy, not too crunchy.
fri 09:41pmWant:
fri 09:46pmWould almost consider getting a license for:
fri 10:17pm@hsifyppah I would love you to as well. meanwhile, I'll have to quietly hate you, on principle. ;;)
fri 10:18pm@hsifyppah psst. got any 'spare' islets laying around in the back?
sat 12:48am@dianthus but.. my neck hurts. ::(
sat 01:11am@xopherg I may have to admit defeat and give them money. after giving tweetie money. I just don't have the time to write my own. ::(
sat 10:24amIt appears to be true. The more I write code for work, the less I write code otherwise.
sat 11:37am... arcturus has forgotten command-tab. command-other things works, but command tab doesn't do anything.
sat 11:18pmDear hulu: more visa-sponsored lack-of-ads please.

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