Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So, now that I have a job again, I'm again looking at options to bring a higher-speed connection into the house for non-server use. The servers will stay on the T1 line, but I need something with enough bandwidth to be able to stream hulu and netflix without waiting thru five minutes of buffering per commercial break. We're far enough from any CO that the best DSL we can get is 768/384. They had to put two amps inline to get the T1 line working, apparently. So, I've been thinking Comcast. I'd prefer FIOS, but what with that being illegal in the city limits, it's not an option.

So, faithful viewers, what /other/ options are there?

edit: (30mbps from comcast will be $80/mo, since I won't be signing up for any other services from them. 20mbs would be $70ish. oh, and then add the modem rental fee, $3/mo, and the installation for $100...)
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