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Twitter posts from 10 May to 16 May

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:00pmI hate being "safe".
mon 09:08am@beaq Damnit again!
mon 07:07pmAnybody know of a decent tool for diffing 4 files against each other?
tue 03:04pmPeggle/iPhone crashed on my first shot. I feel good about my $5.
tue 03:07pmI should buy myself an iPod touch, so I can use all these memory-intensive apps that don't like the environment on my iPhone.
tue 03:07pmThat, or figure out how to enable swap space.
tue 04:57pmL's been out of town for a week and I didn't make chili. Only cooked beef once. Weird.
tue 05:59pmI could swear I already paid them money for slingplayer mobile, back when I used wince. Glad I don't use my slingbox anymore...
wed 09:50am@libraryraven they're abandoning it because they're afraid to send people out to fix it. Also they're cheap. Not that i'm bitter.
wed 10:52amI read all of my comics together, usually in the morning, in a big batch. So I'm just now seeing the latest XKCD. And yes, you're all right.
wed 10:52am@mcmoots I think you mean "I want back".
wed 01:07pmGetting Altair working again after the 10.5.7 upgrade, while Mithra (work mbp) finishes rebooting with it.
wed 04:10pmDon't take this the wrong way, but you entire species need to perish. Preferrably in a messy, unpleasant way.
wed 06:30pmPVP got it right. First damned scene, too. *sniff*
wed 11:05pmMy GOD I rule at regex.
thu 11:58am@pinguerin meh!
thu 08:44pm@TwitterFon Ads, in an app I've been using and loving for, among other things, lack of ads. Bodes unwell.
thu 08:44pm@TwitterFon I understand the reasons, but that doesn't make a sale.
fri 06:09pm@ann_lewis Was there a "STOP!" in front of that? Please tell me there was a "STOP!" in front of that.
fri 08:07pmJust deleted my pageonce account. They still don't have my banks, and mint does. I don't need any of the rest enough to bother.
sat 03:32amI suppose it's time to upgrade twitterfon and find out if I need a new twitter client.
sat 03:35amhm. ok. the dm view shows the oldest, not the newest, but I like it grouped by user. The ad is annoying, but /might/ be tollerable. will see
sat 03:36amAnd now I go to bed.
sat 07:05pmShut. Altair just lost my user account. And i'm not home where I can do something about it.
sat 07:39pmBirthday tiara.
sat 07:54pm...

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