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Just had a chat with a friend of mine, talked about the general leaving-the-group thing and my mtg with michael. He's so very /reasonable/, it's hard to stick to my guns when I'm meeting with him. I want to cave in. This is not, apparently, unusual, nor particularly genuine. So, my resolve is stiffened. I shall not believe his pretty words, I shall tell him what sucks and why I must go and what it would take to change my mind.

I just gotta figure out what those things are. Especially the last one. What /is/ it worth to me to stay in this group? I /love/ the people I work with, I like a lot of the features, I like being depended upon and looked up to; but I don't want to have anything to do with some of the other features, I don't honestly believe that they'll grant me the freedom to pick and choose what I work on, I don't believe the problems I have with management will go away. What can they do - what would they be /willing/ to do - to make it worth staying? More money? A private office? A limo complete with driver, bar, and hooker?

It'd have to be a damned-well-stocked bar...
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