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Twitter posts from 03 May to 09 May

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:30am@xopherg health department codes have never even /heard/ of the environment, sadly. At least it's a paper cup?
sun 11:30am@xopherg maybe it's not. but it looks like wax-coated paper, not styro. ::)
sun 11:39amYeah, keyword exclusions are going to be the hardest part of this ebay auto-buyer. I don't want domain names or coupons or $1 state quarters
sun 12:14pm@kerrizor i'm investigating the possibility. subscribe via paypal for a certain daily limit, paid monthly. tweak the search parameters, etc.
sun 12:16pm@kerrizor big concerns at this point are around ebay tos, and buying via a central account vs users' accounts.
sun 12:40pmI need a note-printer. A laser printer that spits out 1/3-letter sheets or something. 8.5"x3.67". Or just 8x3.
sun 12:41pmI just realized a problem with paying my COBRA. I don't have checks anymore. Will have to pay it out of the joint account.
sun 01:18pmRestaurants that aren't open convenient to my schedule make me sad. I was really craving the crispy garlic chicken. ::(
sun 01:49pmI'm getting old. Maturing. It pisses me off.
sun 01:49pmL and I were putting laundry away last night. Together. Without fighting.
sun 01:50pmI'm learning to throw things away. I just tossed out a bunch of crappy pens that were in my desk.
sun 06:35pm@dagard 12g's pretty big. s'what I've got.
sun 07:19pm@nanoclimate: beacon hill - hail
sun 07:19pm@nanoclimate: sunrise heights - sunny, partly cloudy
sun 09:09pm@spinnerin yes! And buffer across the damned ads. And, damn, buffer the ads! nothing worse than having to wait two minutes to watch a 30s ad
sun 10:13pmHaving backups is all well and good, but I need to make them smaller. It takes a while to extract a single files from a 2.6gb .tar.bz2
sun 10:29pmMy eyes are now bad enough that wearing my glasses upside-down has a noticable difference in focus quality.
sun 11:28pm@arjache I imagine that would take a while.
sun 11:29pm@arjache (sorry, best straight line response I can come up with at this hour)
mon 09:46amWhy is thunderbird having difficulty deleting messages this morning?
mon 09:48amas in, it's taking 13 seconds per to delete each message
mon 03:06pmI just don't know.
mon 05:04pmCan haz job. well, can haz 3 month contract.
mon 05:14pm@dianthus Thursday. L wanted me to start after Wed, so I can take her to the airport.
mon 05:39pm@sistawendy it doesn't pay /that/ well. ::)
mon 06:05pmBenefit of having three external dvd drives on my desk: ONE of them will boot the OSX.5 disc on my mini9. MUHAHAHA.
mon 06:05pmOf course, it had to be the last one. The HD-DVD drive in the Venus case. The Velocity slimline and the Samsung writemaster failed.
mon 06:09pmCan OSX use a case-sensitive FS as the root drive? Or will it cry?
mon 06:31pmInstallation in progress!
mon 07:30pmWell, the install didn't succeed, so I'm trying again without case-sensitive filesystem. We'll see if it helps.
mon 07:58pmwell, it's booting, at least. let's see if it finishes doing so.
mon 10:23pmWoohoo! Altair is now a mac!
mon 11:34pm... oh. I'm an idiot. THAT'S why the mail server is slow. I still had sa-learn eating 7.5 years of spam. Let's stop that.
tue 01:25pm'Microscopy' is one of my favorite words, just from an aesthetic standpoint.
tue 04:17pmAre spam calls to cell phones still against federal law?
tue 04:20pmJust found out about DeLuise. Sad now.
tue 04:31pm@tedder42 401-889-9876. spanish-language you-won-money spam.
tue 04:46pm@firesign3000 the 7-year extended warranty on my car expires next february. I might almost be interested in extending it. Thru the dealer.
tue 05:31pmI want to order the yerba mate set from @thinkgeek, but only because I want to play with the mate. I need a place that serves it, instead...
tue 05:32pmShall have to add it to the list of things the club will do, when I'm rich and own a club.
tue 07:19pm@drakemonger does it come with the gourd?
wed 09:36am@girlpirate not too bad. just got up. slept well, but for weird dreams. Eating leftovers for bfast. How're you?
wed 09:37am@pinguerin "awake."?
wed 09:46am@pinguerin hm. is showered worth more or less than eating? 'cause I think you might be ahead of me on points.
wed 10:32amAnybody ordered a Kindle DX yet?
wed 10:34amhm. the dx doesn't appear to have paging buttons on the left. That annoys me.
wed 10:42am@hollyking it's big enough, I think I'd rather play with one in person before committing.
wed 10:45am@firesign3000 hell, I paid $400 for the gen1. An extra hundred for a much bigger screen could definitely be worth it.
wed 11:11am@qwickening it's discrimination against lefties, I tell you!
wed 06:54pmI've got the house - and the dog - to myself for a week. And I start a new job tomorrow.
wed 09:59pm@arjache You're welcome to dress the dog in whatever you like
wed 09:59pm@drakemonger sure. you can help me rearrange the dining room, library, and basement.
thu 09:10amDog is dropped at daycare. Sitting at Chelan waiting for french toast. Need to be on the road north in about 40min.
thu 09:11amI need to rewire an iPhone dock to route audio to the dock connector. Annoying.
thu 09:12am@jedifreeman 'cause, really, nobody uses that exit anyway.
thu 06:40pm@dreamingcrow suicidal insanity
sat 12:05pmWas getting cranky trying to get amzn's search system to give me useful results for cameras.
sat 12:06pmBut then I went and looked at eyefi cards. if I read this right, to get the functions I want i have to buy the highest-end one. meh.
sat 12:07pmTho amzn's search is still annoying. I should be able to filter /out/, not in.
sat 12:10pm.... WTF. power just ... popped. went out long enough to reboot the stereo, but not long enough to piss off the UPSes.
sat 12:29pm@arjache I can't get over how many more issues we have with Seattle city light than we did with Kansas gas and electric.
sat 12:30pm@arjache I want to put the entire house on a line conditioner with a big ups for most if it, plus a generator. It's crazy; I live in-city!
sat 01:12pmAnd there's the power again.
sat 01:27pm@arjache and a whole hell of a lot more wind. But we thought ahead and buried them.
sat 02:53pmI should do something. I'm thinking either a) leave the house to find lunch or b) work on my website. Or there's c) clean the dining room.
sat 02:54pmGot my free google-profile business cards. But I have to change my name before I can use them.
sat 03:49pm@palousa professional boxing?
sat 04:03pmLocating waterfalls via google maps is non-trivial. Especially when they don't have anything closer than z=14
sat 06:44pmNote to self: when editing video to correct orientation, touch the file back to the original date when finished. ::/
sat 08:32pmI'm about ready to murder iPhoto. It won't delete tuvalu. it keeps coming back
sat 08:40pmok. iphoto is just completely useless as a graphics management system. I'm going to have to pull everything that isn't mine and a photo out.
sat 08:41pmit marks all new imports as being in 'seattle', and if I set them to, say, fargo, they still show up under seattle->other.

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