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TechCrunch - The Big Kindle Revealed (Liveblog) - Amazon is revealing its third Kindle today at a jam-packed press conference in New York City.  The new Kindle, which we first caught wind of last year, is expected to have a larger screen to be used for reading newspapers, magazines, and tex[...]
TechCrunch - South Carolina Gives Craigslist Ultimatum: Remove Prostitution Or Face Criminal Charges - The various state attorneys general have focused like a laser on Craigslist these past weeks. Like most politicians hoping to get reelected, Attorneys General tend to follow the press and jump in front of any parade they see. Years ago if a crime wa[...]
Boing Boing - Cthulhu ski-mask - Typsie sez, "My buddy Frank's wife Dianna whipped up a Cthulhu ski mask for him to wear at a recent costume party, and we were all amazed at the sheer blinding awesomeness of it. It even has a mouth-hole so that you can be an Elder God and still kick[...]
Seattlest - FiOS Con Dios But Not in Seattle - Shared by Marty Yay. The incumbents have legislated themselves safe from competition. That NEVER pisses me off. "there's a cable guy outside my window," courtesy of Seattlest Flickr Pool member Walsh If you really care about superfast internet or[...]
ThinkGeek :: What's New - T-Shirts & Apparel : Zombie Snack Bib - When your baby asks for more, are you sure you know what it really wants? Babies are messy. Zombies are messy. Zombies + babies are pretty much the perfect storm of eating destruction. Good thing you have this bib handy. We're glad you plan ahead. $[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - T-Mobile supporting iPhone? Yep - Filed under: iPhoneIt doesn't sell them. It doesn't promote them. Apparently, however, T-Mobile will support them. The Consumerist is reporting today that a recent change left iPhone users on the T-Mobile network without voicemail. Worse, when someon[...]
Seattlest - What Do You Mean Tattoo Artists Weren't Licensed? - We were a little startled to see Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a new law yesterday, that will require tattoo artists and people who preform body piercings to be licensed by the state. (!!!) Ummm... you mean to tell us, that the people who were sticking [...]

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