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Boing Boing - Wasting Time for a Good Cause - Maggie Koerth-Baker is a guest blogger on Boing Boing. A freelance science and health journalist, Maggie lives in Minneapolis, brain dumps on Twitter, and writes quite often for mental_floss magazine. I may regret this. Last night, I started playing[...]
Hack a Day - Steampunk vibrator - [Ani Niow] built this steam powered vibrator. It has a milled stainless steel shell with a brass motor structure. The motor is a Tesla turbine made from a stack of Dremel diamond cutoff wheels. This drives an off-center weight to create the vibration[...]
Boing Boing - Warner Music to Warner Music: You are pirates! - Stephen sez, Over on the Sire Records web site, they have a big page full of music videos from all their artists... Except that if you actually click on any of them to play, they've *all* been taken down for copyright infringment... by Warner Music [...]
craigslist blog - CL as Whipping Boy - Interesting Boston Herald Article: The anti-Craigslist tirade isn't so much about protecting women as it is about protecting mainstream media. According to some experts, Craigslist has contributed to the demise of newspapers across the country becau[...]
Coolbuzz - Glowing condoms - Ready to glow every inch of your manhood! - Not long ago, my friend wondered if solar-powered condoms could see the light of the day. Of course I giggled, but today as I hear about a 'glowing condom', ready to glow every inch of your manhood; I think someone has already bought the idea (well, [...]
Seattlest - Legal Rights For Same-Sex Partners Challenged - When the state legislature passed the bill expanding the rights of same-sex domestic partners, it was only a matter of time (19 days to be exact) until we heard the rebuttal from the opposition. Today, anti-gay rights activists have filed a referendu[...]

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