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Twitter posts from 26 April to 02 May

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:20am@westseattleblog my girlfriend is there getting us some breakfast now. How's things?
sun 03:08pm@westseattleblog Nah. the burger is good, but Zippy's is better. ;;)
sun 03:33pmBeating iPhoto into submission. Can't script geotagging, but I can filter into albums based on geotag and then retag in bulk.
mon 10:12am@pinguerin ?
mon 10:48am@pinguerin sucker
mon 11:05am@pinguerin Do they still have their cranium? Or have you removed it already?
mon 11:05amWas slightly worried to see a tuaw article about the mini9 not being a good hackintosh. But, the complaints are of no concern to me. whew.
mon 11:17am ... I'm a pisces.
mon 11:18am@firesign3000 I wait impatiently for the hard drive I ordered to arrive.
mon 11:19am@firesign3000 or, for that matter, to ship. it's still listed as 'restocking soon'. ::/
mon 11:29am@firesign3000 I /do/ like multitouch, I'll admit, but I've lived without it for years. and I'm mostly used to the mini's kb layout now
mon 11:30am@firesign3000 keyboard /size/ generally hasn't ever been an issue for me. the hp 100lx was just fine for me.
mon 12:01pmAny minute now, I know I'm going to start freaking out about how much money I spent on new lenses this weekend. three pairs of glasses!
mon 12:01pmI've also just noticed that my new lenses are a lot /flatter/ than the old ones, while being a slightly stronger correction. Interesting.
mon 01:22pmiphone screen protectors are almost more trouble than they're worth. unless you own a cleanroom for applying them in, I suppose.
mon 01:22pmI shall live without one for a while, I guess.
mon 01:24pmi'm totally breaking the DRY rule here in favor of speed and laziness. la.
mon 03:25pmHoly crap, really? NFW! "I joined twitter 770 days ago - ?"
mon 03:26pm@twitterapi you can't make people not suck. I've tried.
mon 05:22pmI spent far too long today implementing a relatively small feature. clearly it's been too long since I touched this code. or my brain.
mon 08:00pmIt always freaks me out when the UPS under my desk runs its self test. I start jumping towards the breaker box.
mon 11:46pm@herknees um, ok.
tue 10:31amAaaand offbeat is a no. whee.
tue 10:41amthe milk has gone bad. damnit.
tue 10:42amthis is going to be one of /those/ days, I can tell already.
tue 10:42amperhaps i'll have a nice accident with an 18 wheeler when I drive to graybar later.
tue 11:11am@Loba no. that was more or less the point.
tue 02:31pm*sigh*
tue 02:31pmFirefox won't print to landscape mode, and safari isn't honoring page-break-after attributes. getting these forms to print properly is pain.
tue 03:36pmI hate being half an hour early to meetings. It's not too early for a Midori tonic, is it?
tue 09:45pmHeadache, stomach ache, neck pain, maybe a slight fever. This is not the time to get sick, however, with the UI review tomorrow...
wed 08:30amFeeling better this morning. Physically, anyway.
wed 09:11am@spinnerin a big arch at the entry-side of the bridge?
wed 09:11am@spinnerin with streamers and fireworks.
wed 09:37am@vixy well, it's morning.
wed 09:37amYay! Tracking data! Credit card charges! Altair's new SSD is on the way!
wed 09:40am@girlpirate the color doesn't go well with the skintone, imo.
wed 09:49am"Thi....s is t....he dail....y sho....w with jo....n stewart." I really need to get a second network connection.
wed 09:49am@employeeze in theory. tho in a lot of cases, it still means spending most of your time hand-testing because there'sno time to write code.
wed 09:55am@tedder42 we've got everything-but-sports on directv. but that would require going downstairs. would also depend on having recorded it.
wed 09:55am@employeeze that happens a lot with made up words. ;;)
wed 09:55am@arjache Less McMossington! no more mcmoosington! DOWN WITH MOOSE.
wed 10:01am@tedder42 I, uh.. don't torrent anymore. Two strikes, you know.
wed 10:01am@pinguerin DAMN THE MOOSE.
wed 10:02am@pinguerin see, if I had a picogram of artistic skill, I'd pull up a screenshot of the end of PotA and 'shop a moose over liberty.
wed 10:04am@tedder42 my ISP is now owned by best buy. it's so completely awesome. *cough*
wed 10:10am3 hours. guh.
wed 10:19am@pinguerin ....
wed 10:40am@tereshkova2001 yay!
wed 10:41am@arjache yes. planet of the meese. Brainley Heston. GET YOUR DIRTY HOOVES OFF ME, YOU DAMNED DIRTY MOOSE.
wed 12:39pmJust got a rejection email from CityU. For a job I applied for 3mo ago and never heard back on. ::P
wed 12:42pmOnce again horribly early. Half an hour early to worksource for job search review. Lots of free computers but no wifi.
wed 12:44pm@spunquee myspace never said anything after my interview. Until I got a survey asking about the interview experience.
wed 02:37pm@sistawendy surely you aren't thinking microsoft. and I don't /want/ to work for either of them. at all. ever.
wed 02:38pmCrazy people who give me money are my favorite kind of crazy people. Even if I do feel obliged to make sure they really meant it.
wed 02:40pmok, so. the 'job search review' was painless, other than sitting 30min 'cause I was early and THEN finding out I needed to fill out a form.
wed 02:41pmI have a job posting I need to apply for, then send a followup to the guy I met with within a week. easy, as homework goes.
wed 03:09pm@darkmane solvent and evil. two goals I strive for, but never quite achieve. ::(
wed 06:06pmI think fish once tried to figure out how to remove my wizbit without breaking the moo. There was a reason. When I got depressed, I deleted.
wed 06:07pmI wonder what it says that I'm deleting stuff from my primary amazon wishlist. things that have been there for years.
wed 06:07pm@beaq except in cookies, with white chocolate chunks.
wed 11:38pm@dianthus should I come over tomorrow and cough on you?
thu 12:19am@dianthus i'm not sick. Just trying to help you maintain that healthy paranoia.
thu 11:04amhey, awesome. greader suddenly won't mark things as read.
thu 11:06am*restarts firefox*
thu 11:06amNope. still happening. trying Safari.
thu 11:08amooookay. safari show same behaviour. but now, it's showing me 13 unread items, but only 7 show up in the list. *sigh*
thu 11:09amargh, and one of the ones it isn't showing is one of the ones I /did/ want to keep unread.
thu 11:10amok. giving up on it for a while.
thu 11:11amhuh. and now firefox has forgotten a) my google toolbar button layout and b) my lj login. fucking hell.
thu 11:15amNext complaint: iPhoto insisting on everything in the collection being associated to a place. Hey, I keep graphics in here, guys.
thu 11:16amgraphics don't /have/ a place. pictures of people I pulled off the web don't have a place. artists conceptions don't have a place.
thu 11:16amBut still, they show up in 'Seattle', because I'm in seattle. which makes finding the pictures that /are/ in seattle hard.
thu 11:16amFor now I've just marked them all as being in 'Walla Walla', because I've never been there. But still. Stupid, stupid apple.
thu 11:24amI know what I'm going to find after I finish geotagging all this. It won't actually export the data to flickr properly.
thu 12:13pmAnd there's one photo that it just can't geotag. can't find places by name, can't search the map, nothing. just this one, so far.
thu 12:18pm*ponders looking at picasa again*
thu 12:24pmoh, the awesome continues. everything that doesn't have a real location is still showing up as 'seattle', tho it's in 'walla walla'.
thu 12:24pmEven after moving them all to Tuvalu, thinking maybe seattle was too close to walla walla(?!?), but no, they show under tuvalu and seattle.
thu 02:16pm@icebluenothing looks cool, but pay too low. ::(
thu 02:17pmWaiting for a call from PTH CFO re 'proposal'. La la.
thu 04:39pmPTH called. I talked to the CFO and the CEO. I'm worried about the $. It's not great. Equity sounds awesome, but doesn't pay the mortgage.
thu 05:31pmRegence's application system is not the worst I've ever used. but it's pretty damned bad.
thu 06:21pmHaving thrown numbers at my budget spreadsheets, I think I can make this contract work. All the better if it turns into something more.
fri 05:13pmSitting in the parking lot at the Tilth sale while L orientizes.
fri 05:15pm@scottru i've really only been paying attn to @spinnerin's posts about it so far. Glad to see it's a bigger kerflufle than I realized.
fri 05:35pmDamnit. Fish gives me a great idea for a website, and I have implementationideas... But my notebooks are at home!
fri 05:36pm(I can't type as fast as I think or i'd use @evernote )
fri 05:56pmRidiculously long&slow line to get into the presale. I guarantee there's nothing in there I want that badly. Back waiting in the car.
fri 05:57pmAnnoyed with the women chain smoking in the car next to me. Even with the window on that side closed it's drifting in. h8 h8 h8. Die faster!
fri 05:59pmParking lot already full of stupid; people vulturing in much too little spacel
fri 06:14pmThey've finally stopped and are going in.
fri 07:45pmSat in the car long enough to drain the battery below starting minimum. Oops. Nice (and cute!) people provided power, tho.
fri 07:46pmNow at RR SoCen for dinner.
fri 08:58pmI can't say I particularly approve of taking an open source project and closing it. Probably doesn't mean I'll stop using the product tho.
fri 09:12pmIs there a /list/ of those sidebar ads twitter puts on the page? Reloading to cycle thru them is tedious.
sat 12:32amI just realized. I've actually been reading books lately. I should make note of them in one of those... networks they have now.
sat 10:11amMore sites need to look at gravatar for your userpic when you create your account. They should, by default, go look at /all/ such sites.
sat 10:54amAt Chelan for breakfast. Then delivering plants and delivering L to Tilth. Then going home and yelling at facebook.
sat 04:21pmAt Meridian 16 for 425 Wolverine. Consession girls are nuttier than usual. Cute, but way too young, sadly.
sat 04:23pmI think one of them was the one who liked my monkeys-steal-my-underwear shirt and was telling me about her... socks.
sat 06:50pmAt the Skylark. Ran into someone I didn't expect. I'm thinking the ravioli and a turkey club.
sat 09:24pmI've received password-reset emails for two of my gmail accounts this weekend. Somebody seems to be scanning. yay.
sat 09:30pmMissing the tail end of my high school days, at the moment.
sat 11:21pmThe most annoying pitch man in the world has a tv show about him. And I'm unemployed. TANJ.

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