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Martin Tithonium

The date on that last post is when I started to compose it. In the interim, Michael came by for a prelim chat about my leaving, then I went to lunch.

We talked about my not feeling valued, tho I can't define specifics - my homework for our mtg tomorrow is to come up with a list of why. We talked about my rating, and how it's very hard to get a 40 after a promotion, and the impact of my leaving for vacation with things undocumented - which I countered with a) having already pushed it out two months, b) having gotten an ok before buying my tickets, c) having offered to push it out again if the company paid for new tickets, d) having left VERY SPECIFIC instructions that if ANYBODY had ANY questions about the stuff that wasn't documented, to CALL ME. He suggested that one should push back and say we have to delay a project so I can document it - in a general case, sure.. but - i replied - I doubt that would have worked with the wishlist project, it having some rather hard deadlines that we couldn't push out. I told michael about the appearance of upward focus, he explained his side of that /somewhat/.

He says it's very important to him - I /think/ he used the word 'critical', but I'm not sure - that I not leave the department. BUT it's also important to him that I be happy. So, my other homework is to figure out what makes me happy, so they can address it. Other than, as he put it, "front row tickets to ". As an aside, I'm much harder to bribe than that. Tho an Audi TT Roadster /WOULD/ solve all problems. For a while, at least.

He's apparently working on a compensation change, but has to approach it subtly and it'll likely take a couple months. I doubt I'd be willing to wait that long without a promise.
Tags: amazon, angst, bitchiness
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