Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Google Voice Feedback
What would you like to see added?
(features that you just have to have)
Fax detection. exchange-level spam blocking.

There's a company in Eatontown NJ that's been trying to send me faxes *since I got this phone number*. They send from multiple extensions, all on the same exchange, (732) 389-XXXX. When moving from GrandCentral, all my block-as-spam data was lost, so I've been having to re-mark them as spam when they call and wake us up in the morning.
Seriously, at the absolute minimum, detecting a fax machine is *REALLY EASY*. Fax machines have to do it. You're Google, I *know* you can do it. At least BLOCK incoming fax calls. Give them a "this is not a fax" message or something. I'm sure some people would like it if you could /receive/ the fax for them, and put it in the inbox as a PDF, which, sure, that could be cool, but I know I don't want whatever these people are sending.

I want to block them, all of them, forever. I'd block the entire area code if I had to, but exchange-level blocking would take care of the problem.

Please? PLEASE?
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