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Shared Posts from 26 April to 28 April

Items shared from Google Reader:
GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. - My Job Search - My Job Search Graph by shigpit, via our GraphJam builder.
MAKE Magazine - Gutter gardens - Patti at New World Geek sent us a link to this post showing a clever use of rain gutter as a wall-borne gardening system. Repurposed rain gutters Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Green | Digg this!
Google LatLong - Right whales, right there - Right whales, once abundant, are now on the endangered species list.  Working with non-profit organizations and the general public, NOAA works to monitor the whereabouts of these whales through their Sighting Advisory System. &n[...]
Google Operating System - Google's Public Data Visualization - Interesting timing. On the same day when Stephen Wolfram shows a demonstration of his knowledge engine Wolfram | Alpha, Google launched a new OneBox that visualizes public data. If you search for [Florida Unemployment Rate], Google shows an answer ("[...]

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