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Twitter posts from 20 April to 25 April

From my Twitter stream:
mon 10:27amDental appointment in 3 hours. need to leave in 2.5 or so. breakfast is finished. pondering what to do n.. oh, comics. right.
mon 10:44amIt makes me sad when cartoonists I like (or used to like) develop politics I hate and put them in their comics. Oh well.
mon 11:16amI have never seen /this/ before: "This item is eligible for Amazon Prime but not for 1-Click ordering." WTF?
mon 11:25amPlaying with Tweetie. Not as subtle as twitterific, but nice.
mon 11:28amHm. Yeah, it's not quite what I'm looking for. Will keep it around and try it again later.
mon 11:35am@joeytrimmer yeah. I've been using twitterific on the desktop forever, and twitterfon on the iphone. not perfect, but best for me so far.
mon 03:09pmEating very very carefully.
mon 03:29pm@dianthus it was a bluetooth headset.
mon 03:37pmFood successfully consumed. No new facial lacerations to report. Doesn't mean there aren't any tho.
tue 10:43am@thinkgeek Something secret we aren't supposed to know about yet.
tue 12:10pmWell, amazon doesn't keep forgetting my login, but does keep forgetting my 1click settings. *sigh*
tue 12:31pm@pinguerin What, no Haettenschweiler? Pff.
tue 01:48pmIn mail today: invoice for May COBRA. Forms to reapply for COBRA with ARRA subsidy. Some concerns about dates and dependents. May need call.
tue 05:11pm@employeeze 9 mo limit, starting 2 already-paid-by-popcap months ago is my concern.
tue 07:50pmOh, so, yeah, PivotLink declined. Still waiting to hear from DIMG.
tue 08:36pm(wait, they found a gun, plastic ties, and duct tape? So, I'm 2/3 of a serial killer?)
tue 10:37pmI have, apparently successfully, installed Solaris 10 on a SunFire v210. Pity me.
tue 10:37pmI'm now attempting to install nano on it, because vi makes me want to kill people.
wed 09:14amDisney called to say they aren't hiring /any/ of the people they've interviewed for that job, and will continue looking. Meh.
wed 09:14amI am, at this point, discouraged.
wed 10:32amGonna see Monsters vs Aliens 3D at Meridian at noon, if anyone cares to join me.
wed 10:33am@Jamgrrl sure.
wed 10:57am@joeytrimmer saw it in non-3D last week. Am going back for 3D. I quite liked it. Silly and fun.
wed 11:52amTheatre is quite full, what with all the nobody-except-me here.
wed 03:04pm1) Monsters vs Aliens is better in 3D. And I need to make a set of clip-on polarized 3d glasses.
wed 03:05pm2) solaris doesn't seem to be recognizing the esata board. of course. *sigh*
wed 03:41pmI don't really /want/ to learn solaris administration. I think it's time to take antares to the basement, given dag a login, and hide.
wed 05:44pm@comay Well, I think I'm just missing the right driver. But I don't know Solaris from a hole in my head, so I'll have someone else look.
wed 06:39pmoh. joy. "You have been randomly selected for an in-person Job Search Review interview on: 04/29/2009"
wed 06:55pm@cheesepuppet oh. yeah. i'm so excited I could shoot myself.
wed 07:45pmDon't have enough search log forms to put it all in, so threw together a rails app, and am entering data. will render forms from that.
wed 07:47pmShoulda done this in the first place, instead of keeping the list in evernote. I haven't been good about entering all the data I need there.
wed 08:11pm@dagard ?
wed 08:53pmOnly 5 more weeks of data to enter! KILL ME NOW.
wed 09:19pm@tedder42 apparently there was an exploding car bit filmed here in west seattle.
wed 09:40pmDone. Finally.
wed 09:40pmI've managed to fill in most of the blanks. Lots of entries I don't have an address for, but they'll have to cope.
wed 09:41pma LOT of my applications have been to craigslist ads, which means the ad urls and email addresses are mostly gone by now.
wed 09:41pm@tedder42 yup
wed 09:42pm54 applications. 19 intervews (includes all phone screens and in-person). 0 offers.
wed 10:03pm@drakemonger not many have asked for them. some have tho. disney wanted them up front, frex. should ask them how many have contacted them.
thu 10:33amIf anybody still wants to get me a bday present and has $175 going to waste:
thu 02:53pm@CupcakeGoth you never know until you try.
thu 03:48pm@girlpirate *pet*
thu 04:18pm@tereshkova2001 stupid kepler and his stupid laws.
thu 05:12pm@scottru *blink*
thu 05:13pm@hsifyppah love the new lj icon.
thu 05:25pmoh, yeah, so. Today: Lunch with OBC, which I think went well, and then a phone screen with PTH which also seemed to go well. [...]
thu 05:26pmshould hear /something/ from OBC early next week. PTH asked for references, and might have second phone screen tomorrow.
thu 05:26pmAlso, yet another amazon phonescreen tomorrow.
thu 06:13pmI may spend part of tomorrow writing my own apt caching system. the one i'm using is not coping well.
thu 06:18pm@JosieNutter Thank you
thu 07:25pmI'm watching the standford itunes-u iphone dev class. I'm on lecture 4, and to date I've learned exactly one thing I didn't know already.
thu 07:25pmOn the other hand, I'm suffering thru repeated explanations of the delegation model. Nice to know standford kids can be slow.
thu 08:15pm@cschwan you're a bad influence:
fri 08:34amThe bed is leaking again. I'd say it was time to replace it, but that's $1200 or more. ::/
fri 09:02am@djwudi I do. soft-side. one of the tubes sprung a leak in early march. now another did. this time on a seam. ::/
fri 09:03am@djwudi I was thinking to myself, gee, none of the waterbeds I had as a kid ever sprung leaks. then I realized I've had this one for 10yr.
fri 10:05amThis will bring my housemates joy: has lost my account. I no longer exist there.
fri 12:42pmI haz pizza
fri 03:16pm@cheesepuppet sooooo many ways.
fri 06:51pmWe're watching kittens on ustream on the big screen tv. And adding our own dialog track.
fri 09:23pmHave spent the evening designing my own keyboard layout for my iPhone. Am pleased with it so far.
sat 03:41pmLenscrafters is slow, expensive, and annoying. Regretting not just going to Fremont. They're merely expensive.
sat 03:48pmSo dialated.
sat 07:36pmI suppose I should've thought to check BEFORE spending the $80 to buy iLife09, whether the new iPhoto lets you access places by applescript.
sat 07:36pmFucking apple just doesn't /think/ sometimes.
sat 08:16pmok, faces works pretty well. but yeah, 'importing' my geoloc data is going to make me .. angry.

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