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Boing Boing - Pirate Bay judge had conflict of interest: mistrial? - According to Swedish National Radio, the judge in the Pirate Bay trial is a board member for a copyright industry lobbying group, and this conflict of interest may result in a mistrial. The Swedish article has been translated into English on Freeform[...]
Seattlest - Mt. Si's New Haircut Sucks - Photo of logging on Rt. 2, near Gold Bar, courtesy of Seattlest Flickr pool member lachance Logging operators with a sense for PR understand you want to hide the ugliness and destruction that is a clear cut from the most accessible view points. You'[...]
Coding Horror - A Modest Proposal for the Copy and Paste School of Code Reuse - Is copying and pasting code dangerous? Should control-c and control-v be treated not as essential programming keyboard shortcuts, but registered weapons? (yes, I know that in OS X, the keyboard shortcut for cut and paste uses "crazy Prince symbol ke[...] Updates - Testing YouTube's Audio Content ID System - An enterprising YouTube user has completed a fascinating set of tests to figure out how sensitive the audio fingerprinting tools are in YouTube's Content ID system. (This is the system being used by Warner Music Group to do wholesale censorship of mu[...] John Young's Blog - MEAT CARDS: The Timeline - Tuesday, April 21st, 11:40 AM EDT, in the Tikaro Interactive campfire chat room: Randy S: My brain isn't working today, what is the popular on-line place to get biz cards printed? Chris C: Randy S: oh, nice, thanks! Randy S: I[...]
Bad Astronomy - Antivaxxers make me sick - OK, so out of some masochistic need to destroy any will to live I have left, I decided to see what else the Huffington Post has to say about autism and vaccinations. Given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading article penned by Jim Carrey, and kno[...]
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - Chow Foods splitting, business as usual for Coastal - coastal kitchen Originally uploaded by saramarie Chow Foods, the company behind 15th Ave's Coastal Kitchen, is splitting up and dividing its restaurants. How Chow's locations will be divided has not been announced and a review of business license [...]

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