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Google Blogoscoped - Google Researches New Captcha Approach In Which Users Rotate Images Upward - Google researchers released a paper [PDF] which explores a new approach to Captchas. Instead of the user entering a string of letters and numbers to prove they're not a bot - with traditional Captchas often showing visuals that are hard to decipher n[...]
The Official Google Blog - Will it lens? - Not long ago, a bunch of us in our Santa Monica office pooled together the money to buy a four-foot by three-foot Fresnel lens. We've since been spending our lunch hours out in the sun playing with it. A normal lens this big would be several feet th[...]
Seattlest - Belltown's Army of Drug Dealers Dismantled - Chalk one up for the SPD narcotics unit and Belltown's spandex-clad bike teams this weekend, as they brought down a large and highly organized Honduran drug dealing ring that had been corralling the crack-cocaine market in the neighborhood. Known to[...]
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - Orca transit card now accepted - Regional transit programs are now accepting the Orca card. This card is designed to replace passes, cash, and transfers, on buses, rail, and ferries. When boarding, just tap your Orca and go. If you register your card online, you can use the Autoload[...]
Quotes of the Day - Franklin D. Roosevelt - "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
Boing Boing - Dollar a Day to Democrats for as long as Norm Coleman stalls - Adam sez, Republicans in DC know Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race. But they are bankrolling Norm Coleman's continued court challenges and are encouraging him to drag this thing out forever. For them, it's worth it to keep shelling out money[...]
The UberReview - Pwn'd: Hummer Hybrid Makes Prius Look Like Monument To Waste - A Hummer H3 modded by Utah's Raser technology has significantly trumped the Prius in green credentials and performance. The earth-friendly machine can manage an incredible 100+ mpg, about double that of the puny 51 mpg attributed to the Prius. On top[...]
Lifehacker - Freshen Your Fridge with Citrus Peels and Salt [Food Hacks] - We all know about keeping a box of baking soda in the fridge, but the TipNut blog suggests a citrus peel packed with salt can kill odors and put a pleasant scent in your icebox. Photo by fdecomite. You don't need to even peel an orange, grapefruit, l[...]
Coolbuzz - Bornrich showcase: Face recoganising SmartFaucet for cool water game - Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the SmartFaucet by iHouse brings in utmost convenience. Using a facial screening application, the iHouse Smart Faucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to the preferred t[...]
Quotes of the Day - Robert Heinlein - "Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something."
Seattlest - Seattlest Pix: 09Apr21 - "climbers" was submitted to the Seattlest Flickr pool by NW Sunshine, and takes place at the University of Washington campus, in one of the more remote classrooms. The safer way to enjoy cherry blossoms, of course, is just to camp out at the foot of [...]
The Red Ferret Journal - - browser based Sierra On-Line games - Remember Space Quest, Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry from Sierra On-Line? Well they're back and they're in your browser. [...] 198 words | permalink | No comments | digg this
Boing Boing - Court turns down challenge to jury's use of Bible - A Texas man killed his victim by shooting him and beating him with the barrel of a gun. During deliberations, the jury consulted the Bible and found this passage: 35:16 And if he smite him with an instrument of iron, so that he die, he is a murderer[...]
Hack a Day - Ugobe files for bankruptcy - Shared by Marty Damnit! Ugobe has officially filed bankruptcy. This is bad news for Pleo. That lovable little dino bot is no longer being produced. If you've got one you might want to refrain from hacking, just in case it's worth something one day[...]
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - Molly Moon's opens Saturday, free cones for kids, new flavors revealed - It's been a long, cold winter but you made it. And now you know the exact hour of your reward. 3:00 PM. Saturday. Ginger, Salted Black Licorice, Baby Beet Sorbet and Pomegranate Curry Sorbet. Molly Moon's Opens Saturday On Capitol Hill Kids to Enjo[...]

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