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Twitter posts from 12 April to 17 April

From my Twitter stream:
sun 10:55am@dianthus me too! Not enough tho.
tue 12:05pmInterview done. I felt it went quite well. Now, food and home.
tue 07:48pmMorning: Int'view at PL. think it went well. Afternoon: Teef cleaning. Sm cavity and idea for 31, appt Mon. Evening: BIG SPLINTER OW OW OW
tue 07:49pmI'm afraid I'm still twitter bankrupt. have hardly even looked at it today. I'll get back into the swing of it, promise.
tue 07:49pmNo, really. I'm on the last Dresden book now, so it won't be too long.
tue 07:51pmoh, and DIMG interview tomorrow, 130-530.
tue 08:26pm@tedder42 todays was 3 hours. but almost entirely pleasant.
wed 08:30pmFinally finished with the Dresden books (all but the latest, which isn't on kindle yet).
wed 08:31pmNow I can focus on other things, like greader, podcasts, hulu, job hunting...
wed 09:33pmGoing thru various Samples I've pulled down to my Kindle. I grow sick of samples that don't contain any of the actual /text/.
wed 09:33pmHere's a dozen pages of people talking about the book, and another dozen pages of the Forward, which isn't even by the author of the book!
wed 09:34pmGrr. Fuck 'em. *deletes all the samples en mass*
thu 02:56pmI don't remember... have I tweeted from my Kindle before?
thu 11:43pmDefinitely thinking I'm'a write my own apt caching system. that or seriously think about running my own full mirror.
fri 12:14amIt's 52° at a quarter after midnight. wow. I just got used to it being cold again.
fri 06:12pm@dianthus damn you. Bought.
fri 08:02pmAt meridian for monsters vs aliens.
fri 10:59pmDespite the obvious anti-alien message, I quite liked that movie. I shall go see it again next week, in 3D.

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