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Bad Astronomy - CSI: TOS - Not to offend anyone who likes it or anything, but I personally have tried watching CSI once or twice, and found it slightly less appealing than 8-week old cabbage allowed to sit under a layer of used sweat socks that have been in a cool, damp enviro[...]
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies. - A Telling Map of Job Losses - Slate's Moneybox has an interactive map that shows job creation and loss throughout the US for the past two years. Watching it flow through each month's up and down definitely made the employment situation in the country clearer to me. Like any great[...]
West Seattle Blog... - Tired of taxes? "Junction Rebellion" just announced - One day after Tax Deadline Day, the merchants of the West Seattle Junction Association have just announced a plan to free you from (sales) taxes for a day - the "Junction Rebellion." Tax-free shopping - in other words, the store pays the tax, not you[...]
The UberReview - Cooking Eggs The Artfully Scientific Way - Before we continue let me state for the record that I am an above average cook (meaning that I can cook stuff that looks and tastes good and even manage a few of the more technical cooking methods); yet I have screwed up more boiled eggs than I can r[...]
Lifehacker - Avoid Unhealthy Junk with a Fast-Food Reality Check [Food] - Everyone knows fast food is rarely the healthiest option when you're looking for a quick bite, but sometimes photos look mouthwatering enough that you're still convinced. It's time for a fast-food reality check. The West Virginia Surf Report did a li[...]
Boing Boing - Cactus Dome looks like the top part of the USS Enterprise, but the true purpose is a bummer - Robyn Miller uncovered this intriguing photo and asked his readers to imagine what it might be: "the secret lair of Jame Bond's nemesis? Better yet... evidence of a crashed spaceship!" But actually, it's a $239 million dome that covers the radiocati[...]
Boing Boing - Gorilla-viewing glasses prevent eye-contact - The Rotterdam Zoo is giving away cardboard glasses that make it appear that you're looking off to one side; these are gorilla-viewing glasses, meant to avoid incidents in which gorillas attack visitors for making eye contact with them. The glasses' i[...]

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