Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

I think it's time to retire Vodopan.
The hardware is big and old and slow, so normally I'd just pop the hard drive into another machine (one of the pile of 1Us sitting down there) and we'd have a new Vodopan.
But the hard drive is small (6gb) and I need to upgrade it from Dapper to Hardy /anyway/, so I'm thinking I may just do a clean install on one of the 1Us and move everything over. Minimizes downtime, maximizes flexibility.

But that means the entire machine will have been replaced, which means it loses its name. Yes, that's how it works, don't argue.

So I gotta find a name for the new machine. Vodopan is old Czech for Neptune. At this point I think I've exhausted the old czech planet names that I'm willing to use. I've used Dobropan, Mesic, Kralomoc, Hladolet and Vodopan. When Vode goes, Hlad will be the only one left, and it's on its way to retirement as well. Kinda sad.

Anyway. Recommendations for the name of the new database and moo server, bearing in mind my naming scheme?
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