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Twitter posts from 06 April to 11 April

From my Twitter stream:
mon 09:19amAwake for 47min. Have tripped on stairs, unloaded groceries, talked to amzn hiring manager. Hurt a lot. Did not sleep well/enough.
tue 01:07pmhey, yay. now itunes is /crashing/ on algol, instead of locking up the computer. progress!
tue 03:14pmDisappointed that the low-profile dual-lock is a lot weaker than the regular. BUT still strong enough that 1.5"x5/8" can lift the dectop.
wed 03:03pmHair of the moment.
wed 05:46pmgood: 3 leads emailed yesterday, two responses. two phone screens so far, one leads to another phone screen, the other to an in-person.
wed 05:46pmbetter: my hair is now the correct color again. I feel much much better.
wed 05:48pmMost of the nwc-prep errands are complete. L is fixing one of my shirts. Packing to commence soon.
wed 08:02pmIs it weird that I'm tempted to go buy a new mech pencil because I don't want to use the /really nice/ cross one that was my dad's?
wed 08:02pm(bearing in mind that that one is still in the original case, with the matching pen)
thu 02:25pmAt nwc. In reg line.
thu 03:55pm@jani_s you should, yes
thu 04:00pmRoom finally ready. Am in it, along with first load of stuff. We are 3/13 moved-in. Tower 822.
thu 04:24pm@djwudi his mom, no? Saw that when I came in.
thu 04:33pm5/13. But, both coolers are in so the worst of the worst is over.
thu 04:35pmAnd the snacks suitcase! Yay!
thu 05:27pmAll moved in. L is unpacking the bar.
thu 05:44pmL is unpacking games: a2a, settlers, zombie fluxx, normal fluxx, quao...
thu 08:14pmBack from dinner with @julzerator and boy. Now in coffee garden w L. Later, maybe hosting bsg game in room.
thu 08:22pmOn way to room
thu 10:36pmGame moved. No hanging out in the Nerdvana annex. Maybe tomorrow.
fri 09:10am@dreamingcrow speaking of, the youngest has committed to volunteering, thru debt to me. Just FYI.
fri 12:41pm@dreamingcrow good lad.
fri 09:55pmDrinking quietly on the couch. I need to build a hotel and offer nwc an unrefusable deal.
fri 09:57pmTomorrow may get complicated. I shall try to cope.
fri 09:59pmAh, Old Sight Gag. Feeling relaxed and megalomaniacal. Am pleased.
fri 10:01pm@icebluenothing not even a wave? ::P
fri 10:24pmHave just informed Pete that he would be the Qwertovski.
sat 12:33amLeft deva and was fine until asked scotty for hug. Broke down.
sat 12:35amSitting next to "hot chick". Her term.
sat 12:42am@beaq no! Love!
sat 07:15am5 hours of not sleeping so far. Schedule for day, such as it was, ruined.
sat 10:51pmA techno/dance mix of O Fortuna? Hmmmm...

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