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Items shared from Google Reader:
Boing Boing - Homer's Odyssey on Twitter - Eric Alt imagines how Homer's Odyssey would have read, had it instead been written 140 characters at a time on twitter. "If Homer's Odyssey Was Written On Twitter" (Holy Taco, Thanks, John Andrew Walsh!)
MAKE Magazine - Dekatron timer brings vintage tube tech to the kitchen - From the MAKE Flickr pool The nixie tube isn't the only vintage tube display device - The Dekatron was used in computers and calculators as far back as the 1940s. Eschlaep's put one to a bit of practical use as what is likely the coolest and highes[...]
Coolbuzz - Coolest pic of the day - Turtle burger! - When distorted thoughts give way to words, words that speak and often make sense, sense is what's difficult to ignite, and those words are useless with senseless plight. This picture is somewhat the same; mixed opinions differ from name to name, thou[...]
GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. - Cable TV - Cable TV Graph by Nothere227, via our GraphJam builder.
Google Blogoscoped - A Day in the Brain Crime Tract - A beautiful island shore shining in the orange of the setting sun, the soft sound of waves. Strangers to the scene might have figured the two men sitting on the beach were on vacation. The holographic imagery, however, was an eternal sunset, and the [...]

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