Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 02 April to 03 April

From my Twitter stream:
thu 11:25pm@kerrizor well, in theory, it'll watch what plays in itunes and on the ipods and upload that data. but, I don't want it looking at all ...
thu 11:26pm@kerrizor ... at all of the ipods (not L's). And I don't listen to music on the computer itself much. so. *shrug*
fri 09:56am@djwudi it freaks one out, no?
fri sent me paper mail asking me to transfer and renew thru them. at $29/year.
fri 04:15pmWhile I /am/ tempted to renew it, I think I'll stay with dynadot and pay $9.25/y, thanks.
fri 04:30pmArcturus, my Mac Pro, doesn't have nmap installed. MT&T, my iPhone, does. It's downstairs tho. Fortunately, it's awake so I can ssh in. heh.
fri 06:06pmyeah, this cookie thing definitely seems to be a firefox issue. my amzn 1click settings keep going away too. meh.
fri 08:07pm@dreamingcrow heh.
fri 08:07pm@gabrielcain ouch. steep. kinda glad I didn't.
fri 08:08pm@dreamingcrow when I'm a gazillionaire, remind me to build you a goth club and you can decide who gets in.
fri 08:28pm@dreamingcrow yeah, but you'd have /power/.

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