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Twitter posts from 02 April

From my Twitter stream:
thu 11:06amjob boards whose interface doesn't completely suck: startuply.
thu 11:07amUnrelatedly, I'm really really getting sick of seeing this exact same job posted, with slightly different title, five times a day, all over.
thu 11:48amWow. my usual name (martian) is taken in a LOT of places. bastards. useful:
thu 11:49amAnd 'tithonium' is taken in several places that I know aren't me. WTF?
thu 11:50am... or they're just wrong. hm. and at least one seems to be a spam account. yay.
thu 11:50amWhat's for breakfast today?
thu 11:52am@nanoclimate sunrise heights, drizzle, maybe rain.
thu 11:53am@firesign3000 we're out.
thu 12:07pm@djwudi yeah. i'm resisting the urge to go thru all of them and sign up with accounts just to lock my name in.
thu 12:31pmhm. too much corn starch, I think. the sauce is a little.. thick.
thu 12:33pm@MrLukeG I found a job that was interesting (via indeed) and was able to send an application for it about 15 /second/ after deciding to.
thu 12:34pm@MrLukeG compared to several minutes with most sites that make you sign up. Major kudos.
thu 12:35pmBreakfast: stir fry beef in a... sauce of random bits. tasty, but needs more salt, garlic, and so forth.
thu 12:36pm@kerrizor heh. not quite /that/ much too much, fortunately. it's just a little .. syrupy? gloopy? a little thick, anyway.
thu 01:16pm@dianthus too late. already ate it.
thu 01:17pm@GeekGirlsRule *pet*
thu 01:21pm@dianthus sounds rather unpleasant.
thu 01:22pm@dianthus hell, I'm still shocked anywhere has 'tithonium' taken. It's not exactly a popular name. Bit irked about the spammer, too
thu 01:28pmhuh. just noticed that namechk says tithonium is available at livejournal. er, given I know it's taken by me, I sense an error. ::)
thu 01:41pmreported the blogger spam account.
thu 01:46pmI wonder if anybody's done a site that lets you map places to boycott with filters for reason.
thu 01:51pm@jani_s i'm trying very hard to resist putting this on my ever-growing list of projects.
thu 02:08pmwatching the first episode of Being Human. wow, I'm not liking it. the ghost is much more annoying than the one in the piliot.
thu 02:08pm'pilot'. typing is hard, apparently.
thu 02:13pmok, yeah, not gonna watch this anymore. *sigh*
thu 02:17pmsigned up with and already found an annoyance. I love the web sometimes.
thu 02:32pm@dianthus hm. glass breaks, but plastic gets crushed and leaks. sounds like they just need a better shipping company. ::P
thu 02:46pm@dianthus ah. well, also sucky. I was disappointed to learn they're plastic bottles now.
thu 02:56pmok, i'm now on bkite, lastfm, vimeo, and ustream as tithonium. exciting, no? not likely to use them for much tho.
thu 02:58pmnote to self, really really need to retire the netbsd box. update project list when I get a chance.
thu 03:17pm*turns off the lastfm scrobbler on algol* meh.
thu 03:34pmMeh. can't change my skype account name. 'datavore', if anybody wants it. maybe drop that account, create new one with right name.
thu 04:51pmSince you all need to know when my Martian birthday is:
thu 05:33pmAnd I need to clean the gutters. the front ones, at least, are apparently clogged and overflowing. but, not while it's raining.
thu 08:35pmPlaying bsg board game

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