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Lifehacker - Namechk Finds Where Your Username Is Taken or Available [Identity] - Web application Namechk finds available usernames or vanity URLs on more than 80 web sites--so you can own your online presence. The application checks for available usernames impressively fast, unlike the previously mentioned (and now defunct) usern[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Sling rains on its own parade - Filed under: Multimedia, iPhone, App Store, iPod touchLast week we were pretty excited that the new Slingplayer app for iPhone had been submitted to Apple for approval. Now it seems, the folks at SlingMedia are determined to really get a large percen[...]
TechCrunch - 520 Tesla S Sedans Reserved In One Week: Company Gets $2.6 Million In Fees - Tesla says that 520 S Model all electric sedans have been reserved by customers in first week since it was announced. Each customer must pay a $5,000 reservation fee, which is refundable if they choose not to buy the car. The base price for the Model[...]
Seattlest - We Won't Eat at Restaurants That Call the Cops on Skillet - Shared by Marty I'm forced to agree. I wonder if anybody's done a site that lets you map places to boycott with filters for reason. Recent trend that we're not fond of: Nearby restaurants calling the cops on Skillet, the silver-clad rolling kitch[...]

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