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Twitter posts from 31 March to 01 April

From my Twitter stream:
tue 10:27pmIt's important to keep your woot shipping address up to date. Otherwise you're totally screwed when it comes time to order random crap.
tue 10:32pm@tedder42 I actually tried to place an order, but neglected my CCN. which is good, because I had the wrong shipping address.
tue 10:32pm@tedder42 attempted to update the address, but I doubt that went thru, 'cause the servers died. so.
tue 11:03pmthinking i'm gonna hafta write my own version of apt-cacher. it's a great idea, but slow as hell for loading metadata.
tue 11:36pmthe 15" attached to Arcturus is starting to be covered in geektool widgetry.
tue 11:37pm@tereshkova2001 the cybermen are coming to steal your thesis.
wed 12:23amGoogle, you know you're going to hell for this, right?
wed 09:02am@nanoclimate sunrise heights, non-sticking snow
wed 09:13amIt's rain, but it's being transported in solid form, for ease of storage. For your convenience, it melts upon delivery.
wed 09:17amIt's getting quite aggressive up here. But groceries have arrived.
wed 09:40am@jani_s hm. I should make nanoclimate work with hashtags too, shouldn't I?
wed 12:04pmmgr phone screen seemed to go well. He's got several more to do, expects it to take a week or so.
wed 12:05pmand now, I think, a shower. then fry's.
wed 08:38pmSo, I bought a Pertelian lcd display from thinkgeek. It's a little 20x4 text display. I used it for bus schedule at work. What now?
wed 08:43pmdamnit, damnit, damnit. I can't find the code I wrote to drive it, either. was on my work server. thought I grabbed a copy.
wed 08:47pmah HA. it was on my laptop. glad I have a mirror of it's drive on arcturus.
wed 08:54pmof course, they provide a pre-compiled library, but no source, and no pre-compiled osx version. so, i'll have to rewrite to talk directly.
wed 09:27pmTurns out the Pertelian's stand works well for the iPhone. ::/
wed 09:30pmhm. the new Mentions isn't working quite right, unless they're specifically filtering out RTs. @vixy rt'd me and it doesn't show in my list.
wed 09:31pm@tedder42 usb, iirc it presents as a serial port. should be trivial to talk directly.
wed 09:42pmAnybody know of a decent external cd-rom (dvd-rom better) drive that's usb powered, only needs one port? no writing required or wanted.
wed 09:42pmonly thing I found at fry's was liteon's writer, which wants two ports.

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