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Hack a Day - How-to: Fix your stupid internet - Dear Hack a Day, Websites keep publishing poorly executed jokes today; how can I fix this? We've been getting a lot of questions on the tip line like the one above, so we put together this one-step illustrated how-to. If you're not the physical lab[...]
Boing Boing - World's tiniest frogs - This is likely the smallest frog species in the world, discovered in the Andes Mountains' upper Cosnipata Valley in Peru. From National Geographic: "The most distinctive character of the new species," scientists write in the February issue of the jo[...]
Seattlest - Handicap Placards "Free Ticket" for Downtown Parking - "Next time you get ticketed..." courtesy of Seattlest Flickr pool member Musely KIRO 7 says many people parking downtown are cheating by using handicap placards that do not legally belong to them. Those with placards have the ability to park for as l[...]
TechCrunch - Adrollo Launches Dynamic Ad Network Platform For The iPhone - Since Apple's App Store launched last July, a number of ad networks have emerged that allow iPhone developers to place advertising in their apps so that they can generate revenue, even when an application was initially sold for free. But as the numb[...]
/\ndy - What IS the most important thing? - The other day an interviewer asked me to volunteer what I thought were the most important factors to successful software development.That's a really good question.I don't think you can have a definitive answer, but off the top of my head I thought of[...]

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