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The UberReview - LushLife Shotcarver Turns Useless Fruit Into Useful Shot Glasses - Apples are a pretty boring fruit, but with a little bit of work they can become a very interesting way to imbibe liquor. The Shotcarver will carve a shot glass sized hole into apples or any other fruit or vegetable that can be carved (pumpkins, water[...]
Amazon Web Services Blog - Celebrating S3's Third Birthday With Special Anniversary Pricing - Amazon S3 is now three years old and busier than ever. Just a year ago, there were 18 billion objects in S3. As of today there are 52 billion, a near three-fold increase.To celebrate S3's third birthday, we have some special pricing for you. From now[...]
Boing Boing - Short story in spreadsheet form - David Nygren sez, "A few weeks ago I Tweeted an idea about writing a novel in an Excel spreadsheet. The Tweet got a reaction. At the link, I've posted the first draft of a 'short storyspreadsheet' called 'Under the Table.' I've turned on Track Change[...]
Boing Boing - Electronic Arts releases DRM-removal tool - Electronic Arts has released a de-activation tool for removing the SecuRom digital rights management that the company earlier deployed on several of its games. SecuROM is known as the most Draconian DRM tool for games, apt to screw u your computer an[...]

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