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Twitter posts from 31 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 09:24am@spinnerin *hug*
tue 09:43amPhone screen at 3. Tim doesn't work at otherZ anymore. And a florida company wants a CTO. such is my morning.
tue 10:03am@tereshkova2001 How about Ask Mister Lizard? We can find plenty of Timmys.
tue 10:12am@tereshkova2001 *sigh* so young.
tue 10:14am@tereshkova2001 Dinosaurs, early 90's henson-puppet sitcom.
tue 10:25am@vixy it's a sitcom. of course its horrible. But it has puppets and enough meta comedy to be funny. Plus Ask Mister Lizard.
tue 10:47am"Although you've certainly slept your way somewhere, no one would ever mistake it for the top."
tue 10:51amI should have had breakfast by now.
tue 10:53amafc
tue 03:04pmI'm rather annoyed that I can't seem to insert nils into an NSMutableArray. I really would prefer to use nils here.
tue 03:26pmDIMG recruiter phonescreen went well. hiring mgr phone screen 1130a tomorrow. the job sounds awesome. pardon my squee.
tue 03:32pmI can now successfully draw a scrabble board on an iphone using a mostly-generic text-grid widget. la!
tue 06:07pmwell. it's definitely april fools somewhere in the world. ::P
tue 06:07pmnote to self. set greader on 'mark all read' for the next 48 hours.
tue 07:03pmNotebooks. Sometimes paper is nice.
tue 07:04pmOh, that's "Projects" on the right and "Development Notes" on the left, in case you can't read it.
tue 07:40pm@drakemonger that might work for this. yes, I think it probably will. tyvm. remind me to keep you around; you're useful.
tue 07:55pm@drakemonger remind me not to let you see my code, then. nothing burns like a ghod's tears.
tue 08:19pmDamnit. It got dark while I wasn't paying attention.
tue 08:19pmOk. plan for tomorrow: phone screen, then fry's.
tue 08:56pmxcode is pissing me off. it keeps deciding to ignore my breakpoints.

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