Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 29 March to 30 March

From my Twitter stream:
sun 11:09pm"Geez, look at this family. We can't even get a gender war right!"
sun 11:23pmHaving 'UI Claim' as the third link in my bookmark toolbar means filing means i'm remembering to file earlier. Just took care of last week.
sun 11:24pmdoesn't mean I can backspace enough, tho.
mon 10:52am@westseattleblog Hey, we're tuesday now too, from friday. Maybe everybody's tuesday now. maybe it's a conspiracy! ::)
mon 10:56am@CathyIreland birthday? If so, happy birthday and welcome to 32.
mon 11:06amI am awake now. I am not thrilled to be, but. I have an email from dice, two from indeed, and a canadian consulting company has followed me.
mon 11:06amI'm not saying any of these things are related.
mon 11:46amI love google and their map apis. now I have a little greasemonkey script that translates Location fields on twitter profiles.
mon 12:52pmIf you're in the Seattle metroplex, do me a favor. send a message to @nanoclimate with your location and the current weather conditions.
mon 12:53pmThe problem with using humans as datasources is that it's hard to control their output format. This is an experiment to see what I get.
mon 01:11pmDisney requires you to upload a resume before applying. But then sent me an email saying "email your resume to <x>". um?
mon 01:11pmThey're hiring for an automation engineer. Sounds like they could definitely use one.
mon 02:08pmHm. is postal-code accuracy good enough for nanoclimates? I'm thinking street-level at least, and preferably intersection.
mon 02:19pm@kerrizor well, i'm using google's geocoding to look up where people are, and they give an accuracy score.
mon 02:20pm@kerrizor If it comes back less than a certain level, I'll just reject the input as "we don't know where you are"
mon 02:23pmoookay. I sent a DM to nanoclimate, and it showed up in email, but not in the DM api or web interface
mon 02:49pm@beaq you broke twitter!?
mon 02:58pm@beaq I love that term.
mon 03:56pmStep 1 is going really really well so far.
mon 05:26pmPhone screen tomorrow with a tech recruiter for DIMG.
mon 05:40pmIf I were to get a job there, I would probably end up calling them .DMG all the time.
mon 05:45pm@kerrizor .DMG = disk image.

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