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Twitter posts from 26 March to 27 March

From my Twitter stream:
thu 10:13pm@TwitterFon er.. it wasn't before? coulda sworn I used it today.
thu 10:14pm@westseattleblog I assume that's what the helo's hovering about for?
thu 10:15pm@westseattleblog er. nevermind. that was 7 hours ago. (wow, I don't think I've ever seen you go quiet this long)
fri 02:12amI find the continuing insomnia tedious. There's very little to do at 2 in the morning.
fri 11:27amto do today: apply to two jobs. clean. enthusiasm: non-existent.
fri 12:19pmHint, hitting [enter] in the sign-up form should not cancel and take you to signin, you BRAINDEAD MORONS.
fri 12:19pmFinding websites where the developers are obviously idiots while /I/ don't have a job makes me very cranky.
fri 12:25pmwhy are you asking me for 'employer information' on the 'education' page? and not letting me leave it blank?
fri 12:26pma'ight. nevermind. I don't /want/ a dice profile, thank you.
fri 12:28pmand I'm rapidly becoming sure I don't even want to try to search for jobs on dice. my GOD this is unusable CRAP.
fri 12:37pm@Jamgrrl yes, because there are lots of people who shouldn't be programming in the programming industry. we hateses them, precious.
fri 01:04pmI'm amused by monster's idea of "sorted by: most relevant". Is that they there's a winmobile job in the second slot for ruby?
fri 02:15pm@dianthus when I was in high school, the was called 'usenet'. or maybe 'gopher'.
fri 02:15pm@dianthus zomgcute
fri 02:17pmHoly crap. I found an actual /web/ developer job at amazon. well, at imdb. But still.
fri 02:58pm@sistawendy ha, dark ages. /my/ bbs was 2400.
fri 03:01pmFOR THE LOVE OF THE VARIOUS GODS. I click Purchase on and I get a loud fucking CONGRATUATIONS, TEN DOLLARS, CLICK BELOW!
fri 03:01pmI swear to Bob, the web is full of ASSHOLES and MORONS and I want to kill them all.
fri 03:41pm@gabrielcain you know my answer to that.
fri 05:04pm@spinnerin hey... Where'd the silly business ideas page go?
fri 05:09pm@icebluenothing nice. Tho, I search in 'seattle WA' they find nothing, searchin in wa they find lots in Seattle. Tsk
fri 06:09pm@spinnerin aww ::(

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