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Twitter posts from 25 March to 26 March

From my Twitter stream:
wed 10:06pmWoot hates me.
wed 11:10pmOffice organization in progress.
wed 11:13pmOne of these days I need to finish painting this room. It looks particularly weird half-black half-green. esp since I face the green side.
thu 12:11ammeh. after reboot, reinstall of macfuse, reinstall of zumodrive, still no joy. both zumodrive AND macfusion complain about version mismatch.
thu 12:11ammeh. will deal with it tomorrow. or some other day.
thu 11:23amtoday I get email from ladders saying "welcome. btw, unless you pay us, there's nothing here for you.". basically. account deletion time!
thu 11:25amI don't think I was quite rude enough in my "why are you leaving?" form.
thu 11:53amIf you aren't paying much attention, a glass of soda sitting next to you can sound a LOT like a thrashing hard drive.
thu 11:54am@pinguerin And I wish I had thought to make use of your services.
thu 11:57amI need breakfast. I crave a hamburger and fries, and have since watching an ep of Futurama yesterday.
thu 11:58am@pinguerin cookies and unico^H^H^H^H^Hprius fuel.
thu 12:02pmresisting the urge to go to luna park. shouldn't be spending the money.
thu 12:03pmon the other hand, need to go back to officemax for more boxes. could get.. I dunno.. burgerking or something. *sigh* not the same.
thu 12:03pmI'm tired of being afraid to spend money.
thu 01:16pmThe new Insight looks a lot like the prius. I liked the old version better.
thu 01:16pm@GeekGirlsRule if you ever find a job where you get to, let me know. I'm curious as well.
thu 02:36pmAnd once again woot is insisting that I'm requesting too often and wants me to drop to twice per minute. from my once-every-45-seconds. ::P
thu 02:42pm@scottru they've got this nice little fake-rss page for bots to use. It's what I'm using. They want 2/min max hits. I'm hitting 4x in 3min.
thu 02:42pm@scottru whatever they're using to count hits is just counting /wrong/. I wonder if they're counting all my IPs together... 'cause, NAT...
thu 04:37pm419 by smail
thu 04:38pm419 by smail
thu 04:41pmCharles Fraser, Chief Auditor of Zurich Funds Mgt Grp, wants to give me 40% of $5.5M for helping him to commit fraud. I'm so excited!
thu 05:22pmJust came up on my chumby, so cute:
thu 05:42pm.... I interviewed at myspace 8.5 weeks ago. No word from them since. Just got an email asking for feedback on the interview experience.
thu 05:50pmmy poweredge 2300 is apparently in need of a bios update. ok, it's running 3.something, and the latest on dell's site is... A15. WTF?
thu 05:51pmAlso it doesn't seem to have any bootable partitions. I wonder if it's worth making it functional. anybody want it?
thu 05:51pm6 scsi bays, two real trays, both with drives. single 400mhz cpu, apparently supports 2.
thu 08:07pmit annoys me having to use rootdelay, but cleobulus boots and seems happy.
thu 08:07pmnow to figure out what to use it for.
thu 08:47pmokay. uninstalled zumodrive. uninstalled macfuse. reinstalled macfuse. macfuse+macfusion working again. reinstalling zumodrive...
thu 08:49pmAaand it don't likee. ok, no zumodrive then.
thu 08:50pmaaand it broke macfusion. so, uninstall it all and start again. again.
thu 08:55pmthere we go. I can mount my servers again. glad I hadn't actually used zumodrive yet.
thu 08:57pmIn other news, that's the second time thunderbird has locked up while replying to an email today. usually only happens once per day. ::P

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