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MAKE Magazine - Self-immolating wood oven - I love this log, spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool, cut with an air intake and a chimney to create an outdoors self-contained heating unit. All in one, disposable oven Read more | Permalink | Comments | Read more articles in Green | Digg this!
Schneier on Security - Surviving a Suicide Bombing - Where you stand matters: The two researchers have developed accurate physics-based models of a suicide bombing attack, including casualty levels and explosive composition. Their work also describes human shields available in the crowd with partial a[...]
GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. - Reasons to Do the Dishes - Reasons to Do the Dishes Graph by HeidiKaye, via our GraphJam builder.
Boing Boing - British local governments deploy anti-teenager pink lights designed to make kids ashamed of their appearance - British local councils have a new weapon in their arsenal of devices that collectively and indiscriminately punish teenagers simply for being young. The new tool is a pink overhead light designed to exaggerate acne, with the intention of making child[...]
Lifehacker - Switch to a Two-Week Grocery Cycle to Waste Less Food [Saving Money] - The Green Cheapskate Blog cites studies showing that the American grocery shopper wastes 25 percent of their purchased food--if not more. Switch to an every-other-week shopping regiment, and you might start throwing less money away. Photo by lu_lu. W[...]
MAKE Magazine - Free, unlimited IP address geolocation with MySQL - There are a lot of services and datasets that provide IP address geolocation, allowing you to detect a web user's city of origin based on their incoming IP. Unfortunately, most of these services cost quite a bit of money, impose limits on how many l[...]
TechCrunch - We Put Pepsi's Ridiculous New Aquafina Product To The Test - We cover tech news here at TechCrunch, so I was surprised to see a 5 lb overnight shipment arrive from Pepsi containing three half liter bottles of Aquafina water. The reason for the special delivery? The company is launching a new plastic bottle tha[...]

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