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Martin Tithonium

Oh yeah...

I forgot to mention..

So, friday I had my weekly one-on-one with my boss. The previous week we'd discussed my review and compensation and he said he'd talk to his boss about it. Friday he said that a) with stock, I'll be getting about $100k this year, and b) they feel 30 is right for my performance.

a) I don't count stock towards my compensation. Their value /can not/ be depended on. At this exact moment, the vested shares from my initial grant are worth $409.35 profit. Those options spent my first two years at this company under water. Hell, by the time I got the paperwork for them, they were worth something like $-30k. So, I don't put much faith in stock. Yeah, it's doing a lot better than it has for much of my time here, but if I depend on it to pay my bills, I'll be in trouble very quickly. No, thanks, I depend on my /salary/ to pay my bills, and use the stock as a convenient way to clear out debt once in a while, when it's worth something.

b) I reitereated to him again that I've gone well beyond the call of duty for a webdev2 - which I spent most of last year as - or even a webdev3 - which they graded me on.

So, yeah. I'm not real thrilled about this. Not at all surprised, mind you, but not happy.

Sigh. Need to check if my resume on monster is up to date. I'll make a note to do that after work...

Hey Greg: Seriously, do the legwork on the medical/scrip coverage and we can talk. ::)
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