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Twitter posts from 24 March to 25 March

From my Twitter stream:
tue 11:54pm@spam 3du4luc
tue 11:54pm@spam flintforlife
wed 12:32pmWas able to pick up some of the not-quite-right-size boxes at officemax for $14 and change, after tax. $1.40/box. It'll work for now.
wed 12:43pm@qwickening organizing my cables. I've got an ikea shelving unit with 13.125" square holes, and need drawers.
wed 12:49pmWatching dPogue via ted feed. he's funny.
wed 01:13pmdirect flights to iceland? cool.
wed 01:19pm@kerrizor seattle to reyk, direct, starting 22 July, apparently. see seattest or my greader shared.
wed 01:27pmzumodrive tries to autoupdate, and macfuse+macfusion are broken again, as well as zumodrive. awesome.
wed 01:28pmwill deal with it later. busy watching futurama.
wed 01:44pm@zumodrive yup
wed 01:49pm@hollyking the next book in the series?
wed 01:54pm@zumodrive I figured it was. but, as noted, busy watching futurama. ;;) Will reboot later, make everything happy.
wed 01:55pm@hollyking weirdo. hurry, hurry, you've got, like, fifty books to get thru!
wed 02:12pm@qwickening yes.
wed 02:13pmThinking again maybe I should get around to the namechange while I'm out of work.
wed 02:48pm@kerrizor well, cheap is questionable. I don't know how many certified copies of the order I'll actually need.
wed 02:48pm@kerrizor presumably you can get more certified copies later, tho, yes?
wed 02:53pm@ann_lewis almost. from Adam Smyth to Martin Tithonium.
wed 03:02pm@ann_lewis heh. Regulus, actually. Which has the advantage of making my initials 'MRT'.
wed 03:03pm@ann_lewis Maybe, Martin Tithonium, PrD? (Doctor of Perl Regexes)
wed 03:52pmhm. $110 plus $5 for each cert copy past the first.
wed 06:54pm"I sure wish I could worry about this from inside the hull."

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