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Shared Posts from 25 March

Items shared from Google Reader:
GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. - Chance of Getting Blamed at Work - Chance of Getting Blamed at Work Graph by czaries, via our GraphJam builder.
Boing Boing - domain-owner's house raided over publication of secret government censorship lists - The home of Theodor Reppe, who owns the domain, was raided by German police in retaliation for Wikileaks' publication of the secret government blocklists from around the world, like the Australian list of forbidden sites. The "ACMA" list[...]
Seattlest - Seattle-to-Iceland Direct Flights Arriving July 22 - Iceland's Blue Lagoon As of July 22, Icelandair will be offering four direct flights per week between Seattle and Reykjavik, says the Puget Sound Business Journal: "Flights from Reykjavik will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and flight[...]
MAKE Magazine - Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab (1950-1951) - OMG! If I'd found this gem glowing underneath the aluminum Christmas tree when I was a kid, I'd have sprained something in my geekly excitement. I think I'd sprain something now... my wallet. This kit sold for a rather steep-at-the-time $50 and goes [...]

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