Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 23 March

From my Twitter stream:
mon 12:06pmI suddenly find I have a pointless conflict with xkcd.
mon 12:27pm200 new unread in greader overnight. I think I'm oversubscribed.
mon 12:27pm93 in the 'zzz' folder, meaning "mark these read without looking, if hurried". Definitely time to clean.
mon 12:48pmThinking I may boot over to vista and play Fallout3. oh, guess I'll file last week's UI claim first.
mon 12:51pmUI claimed. 19 weeks left. Need to find a job before... 3 August. uhhh. yeah, I'll be homeless before then, I think.
mon 03:48pmInteresting. hard-drive price point has passed 500gb. those are now getting more expensive. 750s and 1tb's are still coming down.
mon 05:01pm"What I need [...] is a strong drink and a peer group!"
mon 05:35pm@spinnerin now you know how I've felt for the last decade or so. ::)
mon 05:36pm"The dew has clearly fallen with a particularly sickening thud this morning."
mon 05:41pm@spinnerin you're clearly going to be a much more successful hegemon than I.
mon 07:28pmBeen trying out Flux on Arcturus. It is... NOT subtle. Oh, sunset time. *BROWN*
mon 09:48pmGrr. I want a box this size: but I want it at this price: Why are a couple inches worth 6x the price?
mon 09:49pmOr, more to the point, why can't they make the cheap crappy boxes in a slightly bigger size? I don't need to stack them to 850lbs.

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